Thursday, July 17, 2008

Food is Good

Whenever my little sister comes to visit we eat well. She is the true foodie of the family, able to create and explore in new ways. She also eats no red meat or chicken, so we always have a great new vegetable dish when she comes around. This week was no exception. It started Sunday with some fresh kale from our local Farmer's Market. I actually thought up this one but I give her credit for inspiring me to try a new thing. I had been thinking of a bean dip for summer so I put together this quick Bean and Kale dip as follows:
white bean and kale dip

Chop 1/2-1 bunch kale coarsely and saute with 2-3 cloves garlic and splash of olive oil until wilted.
Using food processor or blender, puree 1 can white kidney beans, kale, a few more tablespoons olive oil, salt and pepper and a bit of dry Italian seasonings until a nice chunky puree.

Serve with crackers or stir into warm pasta (tried both and liked them).
makings of

To give fair warning, this dish can leave you a bit, ahem, shall we say, gassy...but it is delicious and a nice use of fresh kale.

There is a salsa I want to share because it is unbelievably easy and really really good, if you like salsa , that is. This recipe comes from Tim's grandma and my version is just about the same except for the quantity. This makes a bowlful of the stuff, be warned. It goes so quickly here, but you can halve it for yourself and a smaller crowd.
grandma's salsa
Grandma's Salsa goes like this :
-Coarsely chop one white onion, 2-3 serrano peppers, 1 jalapeno (this will make it pretty hot, use less peppers if you do not want the burn), 1-2 fresh tomatillos, 1 bunch cilantro and 1 clove garlic.
-Add to blender with 1 can tomato sauce (emphasized because it must be sauce, not paste)
-Whirl until chunky and all ingredients are incorporated. Add salt to taste.

Great with chips, but also with scrambled eggs, etc. This is a strong salsa and will leave you a bit breathless, but it is also so good for you.

And now, the final, my sister's contribution to dinner last night and a better summer salad I have yet to meet. Her Summer Beet and Corn Salad.
summer beet salad

-Chop 3-4 beets into small dice and saute with olive oil in a pan with lid. Let the beets cook down until semi-firm, then add 2 Tbl. honey and let cook until tender.
-Add 1 bunch finely chopped cilantro and let cook until cilantro wilts and softens.
-Using 2-3 fresh ears of corn (uncooked) cut kernels off cobs and add (uncooked) to saute pan. Let cook 1-2 minutes to bring out sweetness.
-Wa-laaa. delicious!

Hope you find something you like here. It has been such a great week with my sister and Michael.
My Em (and her Michael) and our boys
These two will make your heart melt with joy watching them care for each other and all our family around them. You know your sister is with the best man when he a)gets her coffee every morning b)plays ukelele with your sons c)can handle the onslaught of family members that comes along with the package of being with a Bout.
We love you Em and Michael. Now move your asses South soon so we can see you more.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

such cute pics. I am inspired to try some of these! LOVE me some salsa!

gleek said...

all three of those recipes look good! especially for the veggies in my house :) nice to have your sister around, eh?

pinkurocks said...

Aww, this post made me miss my sister who lives in another hemisphere. I hate it when family are so far away especially when you have babes that you want to share with them. Um and thanks for all those delicious recipes. I love food too!!!

Katie said...

Yum! Thanks for the great summer recipes.

And congratulations on the prize, I was psyched that you won! - I meant to send you a little message earlier in the day, but got carried away with work. When you have a moment, send me your address - you can email me at katie.schu[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Bea said...

Your pictures are so beautiful, and thanks for the recipe! I have a bunch of kale in the fridge I need to use up too! The gas will be our Friday night entertainment :) Your family is so beautiful!

Gabrielle said...

Yum, all those recipes look wonderful. Glad you had such a great time with your sister and family.