Monday, July 21, 2008

Cache Coeur Complete

The long anticipated (only by myself, of course) Cache Couer Bergamo is finito. I cast on for it and anticipated a quick knit. It was up until the time of finishing, which is how things go in my book.
cache coueur front
The main pieces came together quickly and I was able to piece the body together but then it sat waiting for a few weeks. The edging on this project was a beast, one of those ‘slipping 8 and crossing’ deals with a very splitty yarn. Finally I mustered the energy to barrel through the 300 or so stitches and it came off the needles and ends were woven and I simply steam blocked it because I thought it not a good idea to dunk this stuff. It seems like it would be a thirsty yarn and possibly grow beyond wearable proportions

(Right now I am chuckling thinking about some of the non-knit Mamas that might read here who are reading and wondering what the hell I am talking about. But it has been a long time since a true knit post, so I thought I would go for it).

Anyway, impressions of the knit (inspired by Julia, who posts the most thorough and succinct pattern notes I have ever seen).

- Intriguing pattern with a ingenious construction and a fair fit once finished. I do feel like the sizes might be a bit generous. I knit the 36 inch bust and would have thought it to be tighter on my form. I like the fit but for this type of clothing I think it needs to be snug to keep one from looking ginormous.
cache coueur back

- A quick knit due to the yarn weight and the needle size, but maybe not a project for the beginner. It requires shaping, grafting and lots of edging, but also requires one to have a good conceptual idea of the pattern. I read this as a novice knitter, but it seemed like gibberish. Upon my return to it a few months ago, I understood the construction and appreciated it without frustrations.

- I used the suggested yarn because it was in my stash. Served for a quick knit, but it is very splitty and tends to unravel on the cut ends, proceeds to get tangled with all of the other loose pieces and requires scissors to liberate the tangles. And it was absolutely terrible to knit the edging. Ugh. So hard to slip and not split, etc. Also, as mentioned above, I avoided a true wet block as I thought this was a ‘growing’ yarn. It is 100% wool, so no machine washing (I think, threw out the labels so I am not sure).

I think the piece will be useful in the fall with a cool evening. The wool ensures body warmth, the drape is okay and it can go to the park or to dinner. Glad I finally made it and hope to use it. It was nice to knit something for myself and like the results for once.
cache couer

Now onto the Knitting Olympics. I have a piece picked out, a shawl to be gifted to my lovely friend for her wedding. The timing is perfect if I make it to the finish as it would be out of the way. The wedding is in October so let’s say I finished in August. It gives me all that time to weave in ends and block. Wheeee!

Next up sewn will be these kimonos for the boys. They are cut and ready for sewing. We will see how it goes, they look really cute on others' little ones (there is a flickr group and everything).

And here is a little something from the post today.
I have not bought yarn in ages (too much fabric buying), but once I made the little Kureyon Oz vest I knew I had to make one for the boys for the Fall. And the Malabrigo, well, it is Malabrigo. What are you gonna' do? Sometimes you just have to have it.

Hope your weekend was swell. I got to say a fond but sad farewell to MH, she is leaving before I really got to know her well, but I loved every time we met up. Good luck in Albuquerque, MH.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

beautiful work!!!!

lori z said...

its quite beautiful. as much as that edging might have been a pain in the @ss, it was totally worth it in my opinion. nicely done. good too see you again last night!

will I see you on thursday in LB?

Anonymous said...

So pretty! And the sweater is cute, too! ;) And ditto to what Lori said. Loved seeing you yesterday, as always. :) xo-S.

Pixiepurls said...

Looks great!

Threeundertwo said...

The edging just makes it gorgeous - totally worth the work and frustration.

I love that color. Nice job!

gleek said...

such a cute top! and perfect for southern california :)

Anonymous said...

wow! that is so pretty.