Thursday, July 31, 2008


So, things have settled down round here. Sorry, bad pun. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments from the last post. It is amazing what support we can all give each other, even in times of just a little need. Claroux said, NJ gets nothing in the way of natural events, so there might be a place to go to get away from it all. Right?

Anyway, the week has allowed me some time to finish a few projects. The kimonos I mentioned previously have been finished and are quite cute, if I do say so. I actually say so because I was worried initially.
kimono boy
I bought the fabric on close out for the purpose of the kimonos, but when I cut it up, it all looked a little off. Like the pattern would not carry the pattern well. But I was pleased once the binding was sewn.
kimono yellow
The boys hate them. At least hate donning them. It was like I was burning them while I dressed them, the drama before the photo shoot does not show in the pictures. I think it has something to do with the ties? Don't really know.

A few little points to mention.

- The double ties are a bit of a challenge at this age. The shirts almost came off during park play, which is okay because their bellies are kinda' cute. I might replace the inner ties with a snap and leave the outer. It might make the 'burning' part of dressing a little less intense.

-I modified the pattern size a bit (because I only had 1/2 yard of each fabric). I would suggest you follow the recommended sizes. These were the 18 month, but they will be out of them soon. Due to my cheapness over anything else.

-This is a great 'first time sewing a shirt' pattern. Excellent tutorial, her pictures are so inspiring, and it is all straight seams, except for the binding, which is fun and good practice. Her blog is also lovely and it looks like she may be putting more patterns forth soon.

One of my Mama friends asked me how I craft so much with so many other things going on. I thought about this a bit and realized sometimes I do not feel like I craft enough. Especially in comparison to some other Mama bloggers. But then I gathered the bits and pieces up and realized I have accomplished a good amount. But it is a gradual process. The kimonos have been in action for weeks. I will usually choose a project and then think about it. And visualize it; during breaks, during nap time when I am immobilized by a sleeping boy who will not go back down without me, right before I drift off to sleep. I just keep visualizing it. And then I do each step, one at a time. Measure, leave it. Cut, leave it. Sew a seam, leave it. Until it all comes together. No superhero here, just paced piecing.

Having these boys has taught me so much. I used to take all of that free time for granted. I used to go and go and very rarely reflect on stuff. Writing here has helped with that reflection too. But I have learned to be still at times, to breathe a little deeper and slower and to not always race to the next thing.
I gathered up these knits tonight after taking some pictures of a knitted project that is finally complete. I was struck by their beauty, stacked together. I was struck by the fact that I made them. And how much I loved the making. The joy I find in the process, as much as the end result. I loved the feel of the knitted softness under my fingertips. The unique spring knitting has when handled (alright, alright, fondled). As I went through the steps to wash and press and lay out the lace I finished, I realized just how much I love this craft.

But I was also struck by the fact that last year at this time I despaired of ever knitting again, ever having the time to craft, to rest through this medium, to be ME. I recall the feeling so vividly, and now, looking at this pile,
I realize I cannot change the way I felt then, but all those projects lined up on my chalk board, in my Ravelry queue, in my head. Well, they will come to fruition. In due time. And I do not have to be impatient with that. Rather embrace the luxury of every stitch and I first embrace every moment of my growing boys' days.


Anonymous said...

OMG - I love the stripes, so cute! It's understandable that you'd want to squeeze the kimonos out 1/2 yard, that fabric is great!

kristin said...

hanls for the great comment on myblog. i so love these kimonos, problem is i do not sew.. i have no machine. :((( and yes margarita party anywhere would be nice!!! we dream.

Anonymous said...

You AMAZE me at how much you get done and how much you balance with ease!

gleek said...

my god those wrap tops are so cute! (and so are their bellies, so i totally understand.)

Emily said...

Do you have an etsy shop? I love etsy and I love your crafts.

Emily said...

I love everything you have made for your boys, the embroidered tops, the lounge pants, the sweaters. If you do open a shop, I promise to be your first customer.

Claroux said...

You are SO talented. I wish I had the stamina and resolve to create 1/10th of what you do! Even the stack of knitting - AMAZING! I made my Mom promise to teach me how to knit. Currently I can only crochet and sew but I always see SO many knitting patterns / projects that I LOVE and then am sad when I see that they are knitted! It takes me SO long to do any project! I started a ravelry page and have lots planned - hopefully it will happen.

I also wanted to say that I felt EXACTLY like you when my twins were younger. Especially the first holiday season when they were only 2 months old. I used to sob thinking that I would never be able to do any of my beloved hobbies. I get to get a "mommy's helper" over just so I could balance my check book and do bills - let alone do anything crafty! And then suddenly you look around and become aware that you have your life back - only it's better because you have two amazing little people to share it with.


Anonymous said...

Those kimonos turned out so great! Love the stripees!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

your work, as usual, is beautiful! I am asked that question a lot, as well, how I have time to do things, and my answer is I make time, but not without it being at my own expense. Sometimes i need to rest, when they are resting, rather than running to tackle my next project, so that when they are awake, I can enjoy each moment. I really need to take my time more and SLOW down for now. Its good to know I'm not the only one struggling with time, but I love how you have accepted that change and work with it. It's something I'm still trying to adjust to, with two.