Sunday, August 03, 2008

Addicted to Avery

I seem to gravitate towards Veronik Avery. Her designs grace my needles more than any other designer out there in the knit world. The first lace project I ever attempted was of her design.
perfect pie shawl
This is the Perfect Pie Shawl. I loved knitting the piece once I understood the construction, it took some figuring out as it was full of yarn overs and what I now understand are short rows. But it was unique and lovely to knit. The end result was not really my favorite, due more to the yarn than the pattern. The yarn is a hairy mohair, scratchy and rough and not so drapey. But I think I would do this project again with some lovely lace weight or hand-dyed sock yarn to see what the result of knitted joined triangles would be. I just giggled a little when I recall reading the pattern in Weekend Knitting and wondering what the hell ‘Koigu’ was. Ah, those days of novice knitting.

Anyway, she dominants in my finished object pile and today is not exception with two new objects to show and tell. The first is also from Weekend Knitting,
Petticoat Socks.
Petticoat Socks
I love these socks, have coveted them from the time I opened the book. I just love the look of the lace panel and the cuff, and the….oh, you get it.
I decided to convert it to a bootie and it should have taken mere days. I cast on a long time ago and enjoyed the knit. Only mistake I made was to keep repeating the foot pattern until the sock was waaaay too big for my foot. I basically sport smallish hobbit like feet requiring about 4.5 inches of knitting once the heel is turned and gusseted.
So, what to do? I put it aside. Like ripping was an impossible thing to do. But I pulled out 1st sock few weeks ago because it occurred to me that my almost sister in law would love a wool pair to take to South America on their upcoming trip. Once the decision to gift was made, those sockettes flew off the needles. They are stunning on her elegantly shaped feet. And they are currently strolling around Buenos Aires. I told her she must capture a photo of them at Machu Pichu if they make it. (And they are knit out of Koigu. I like that symmetry).
Petticoat Socks
And I am in a fever of gift knitting because it feels so good.

The second project began long ago but I just did bits here and there. It is the Lace Ribbon Scarf, free from Knitty.
Lace Ribbon Scarf
Kat Coyle knit this (in like a day because she is the most proficient knitter I have ever seen (yeah, I totally got to knit in public with her. Totally bragging right now)). I knew I had to. I used a lovely hand dye from this shop, only one skein.
It is a bit short, but I live in California and like my scarves just barely there. The pattern is simple and satisfying and easy to remember. Once I established the pattern I never had to go back to re-read it, I could just pick up and knit a few repeats then put it away.

That I one of the reasons I love her designs so much. There is a pleasing simplicity to her knitting, the construction is usually quite innovative and intriguing, but the knitting is simple.
I find I choose the pattern before I realize she is the designer, which also speaks to the fact that she has some type of consistency to her designs. And they just seem so classy and classical. The ironic thing is I do not yet own her book. Good to note for the upcoming gift giving season. I will likely order it from Amazon and tell Tim he gave it to me. So bad.
This picture was my attempt to turn Tim into a knitwear photographer. I told him to focus on the scarf. But I do like my smile here.

If you are fairly new to knitting, Google her or look at her Ravelry profile for some really lovely project ideas. I just saw Carrieoke’s Cardigan that looks spectacular on her. Not that I need any more inspiration for new projects. But you never know, cardigans can almost be justified here in California.

The last thing I wanted to mention…if you do not read Earthchick (yet), she is a fellow Mama of twins/knitter/sewer/Flickr aficionado that almost lost one of her twin sons last year to a bizarre (but more common than you think) accident at the beach. She is holding a Raffle with unbelievably spectacular prizes. Please go and check it out of you want to support a good cause and get in to win some amazing yarn/fabric goodness. And I am talking amazing, most prizes are worth 70$ and up. Now that is worth a 5$ ticket, eh?


Dawn Johnson said...

I just love seeing all the beautiful things that you make. I used to be so into sewing, needle work, etc when I was a kid and teenager but I let other things take up that time as life went on and now I can hardly remember how to hem a pair of pants. How long have you been crafting with yarn and fabric? I'd love to hear about the history of it in your life.

When do you do most of your work? I find that I can't work in false light, I have to be have sunlight. Maybe I'll stop reading so much and throw some crafting in for a sense of accomplishment. It really is bringing beauty to the world.

kat coyle said...

Your projects look lovely! Give the boys a hug from me :)

gleek said...

i know what you mean! avery is highly addictive. her design sense is so spot on.

lovely knits!

Anonymous said...

I gravitate toward Veronk Avery, too. Although, funny, I just knit my first project of hers. Not the last, to be sure! All your knits here are so pretty, and that pic of you is GORGEOUS! xo-S.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

what beautiful work! these are amazing! I need to learn how! this is soooo cool!

Gabrielle said...

Your knits are truly beautiful - so much love and thought has obviously gone into them - how lovely to think of those special socks travelling to Machu Pichu! I'm still very much in the novice occasional knitter category, and only just discovered koigu (wow!) so I know just what you mean. I love the kimonos from your last post too, always great to see beautiful and interesting clothes for little boys.

Sarah-potterknitter said...

I saw the scarf in your flickr last week. That's the next thing to go onto my needles as well. And in a very similar color! Just have to finish up a couple projects that are all less than an uninterrupted hour from the end. I guess that's why it's taking so long.

Carrie & Brook said...

The photo of you and your scarf is simply beautiful! Beautiful smile, beautiful lady, beautiful scarf!

I hope that you're having a great weekend away!