Sunday, August 10, 2008

24 hours and a Weekend

The weekend has flown by with a stunning alacrity. It started with a wedding on Friday night, followed by a birthday party on Saturday and then our 24 hour time away in Palm Springs that came to a close this afternoon at 445 p.m. Exactly 24 hours, as we left at the same time yesterday. Feels like it was a moment and an eon ago.

Friday was great, it was a late wedding and the evening was cool and lovely.
her dress
Friends of ours from the early days, we were actually witness to the beginning of their relationship, 12 or so years ago. There was much talk of the fact that they finally made it to the alter themselves. Karen has been a bridesmaid 10 times, for real, people. She also works as a manager of a beautiful place called Etiwanda Gardens that specializes in weddings.
her day
So for her to finally get her day, well, we were all super happy for her. And my fellow Multiples Mom (of triplets, no less) made it our with her husband.
MOMs out
Our hubbies finally met (well, since their grade school days) and hit it off (you should have heard them talk shop, it was highly entertaining) and received much ribbing about when they were going for the, ahem, surgery to ensure our family size stayed at its current number. Poor guys. But all in all, a really nice night.

Saturday we visited friends again to celebrate their little girl's 2nd birthday. when we arrived it was a 'woah' moment for me because I recall last year bringing our tiny boys in for London's 1st birthday, their little persons residing in the seats for the most of the party. This year they ran from kiddie pool to sand box to fruit cup/snow cone station. The little birthday girl received a Kimono of her own,
I had such fun picking out the fabrics for a girl-ish version.
I added a bit of detail on the front. I was very pleased with the finished product and look forward to making a few more.
After some fun (unphotgraphed play, due to near constant running after them to save them from themselves) we packed up the kiddos and headed home, where we dropped them off with the gPs, threw in a few sparsely packed bags and headed out.

Tim and I have a fairly long history with Palm Springs. I spent time there when I was finishing PT school, three months, to be exact. Those three months were July to September, pretty much the hottest time of the year there. It was not the most pleasant time, but there is something about the desert and that town that I really love. Tim used to be out there a lot for a job he once had.
So, going out, we were reminiscing a bit and marveling at how short the drive now seemed....especially as it was done in relative peace without to squawking babblers in car seats bringing up the rear. We were meeting friends at their family condo for one night, and we anticipated the pool, a few drinks and sleeping in.

All of which we got. In the coolest place ever. The condo was very retro Palm Springs, but modern somehow.
the desert
It felt how I would imagine PS to have been in the 50s, in the Frank days. The pool was steps away, complete with shuffleboard for the boys. It was hot as hell, but by 9 it had cooled down enough to sit without sweating and the pool felt refreshing.

The night was not a romantic one, it actually felt a bit like camp. Our room was shared with our really close friends, each couple with a twin bed to squeeze into. My husband and our friend Katie could not stop bantering as we went to bed, likely due to some inebriation on their part.
Tim kept asking for scary stories and saying "Tell 'em large Marge sent you...." which made me laugh the first time, but not the second, third or fourth. Katie got up to use the bathroom and almost ended up climbing into bed with Tim and I, disoriented by the pitch dark. All in all, it was laughable. All that really mattered was that I passed out and slept from 11 until 830....the first time in over two years that I have gotten that much sleep in a single setting.
morning in Palm Springs

I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt.

I was wondering how I would feel, this first time away from the boys. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of guilt or worry that we experienced. We knew they were in wonderful hands with their Omi and Opa, two that know them and have always been with them in some way since their birth. Tim and I settled into our 'alone' time just fine. There were actually a few moments when I kinda' forgot we had kids. The freedom to just sit and talk with our friends, to relax the ever vigilance...well, it was much needed and much appreciated. A 24 hour break, such a treat. Especially when the late wake up (I know, 830 is not late for you, but for me it is sleeping in three hours) was followed by a Mocha (Starbucks is a rarity for us) and then some Mimosas.
proper Sunday morning
Then lunch out, pool time (in 110 degree heat...but dry heat people, dry heat), a little bit of cleaning and almost no need to repack.

I got very little knitting done, especially because my hubs lost his contacts in the pool and I had to drive home. But even that was okay, a little Sunday afternoon NPR as he napped a bit was just right.

And getting home and having the boys run to us and give us hugs. Well, that felt great too. They looked different. Isn't that weird? In only 24 hours they seemed to change. Or maybe it was the new perspective, that little bit of distance.

We are thinking that we have to do a night away every three-four months, just to recharge. I highly recommend it. And in a few more months PS will be lovely, temps hovering in the low 70s right around Christmas time. Perfect.


Carrie & Brook said...

Sounds like a fab weekend! Isn't time it can go by so quickly, yet still linger for hours and hours. I hope you got both perspectives on your alone time away from your duo.

The kimono is awesome! What a great pattern.

pinkurocks said...

I bet that little girl loves her kimono top!! Your 24 hours sounds absolutely perfect...I dream of sleeping in blocks of more than 3 or 4 hours again one day - you've proven it is actually possible!

LauraC said...

Glad you got that time away! Every time I leave the kiddos, they look so different to me when I come home. That time to be by myself gives me a new appreciation for these little guys and how happy they make my life.

LauraC said...

Glad you got that time away! Every time I leave the kiddos, they look so different to me when I come home. That time to be by myself gives me a new appreciation for these little guys and how happy they make my life.

Nonnahs said...

Sounds like a blissful weekend - I'm so glad you had such a lovely getaway! :)

Claroux said...

Isn't a full night's sleep amazing??? Ever since the girls were born I CRAVE sleep. I fantasize about a dark and cool hotel room with a big puffy comforter and HOURS, no DAYS, of sleep. But BRAVO on the 8:30 wake up time - that would seem like heaven to me as well. My in-laws started "switching houses" with us when the girls were 3 weeks old. Now they offer every three months or so and WE. LOVE. IT. The girls are happy in their own home with "Poppy & Bean" and we get to stay in their beautiful house that resembles a B&B and enjoy each other. Definitely keep up the time away tradition - it keeps you sane and that is oh so important in the world of multiples :-)

gleek said...

what a lovely wedding and time away for you guys! sounds like a relaxing time :)

t + j said...

hey mames! was wondering if you had embarked on the master cleanse? i am in desperate need of some internal detox but i'm not sure which methodology to use. would love your thoughts. i've done juice fasting in the past, but not sure i'm up for dragging that juicer out from the closet.

hope your rejuvenation lasts well through the week!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

Uh, I want a kimono! I should pay you! How much would you charge? those are so cute! seriously. You should open an etsy store just for fun! TELL EM MARGE SENT YA made me laugh out loud. We used to rewind that peewee vid like fifty times when we were little. thats hilarious!

t + j said...

okay, girl. let's do it! i just read up on what the heck the cleanse is, and i'm game. although 10 days seems like a brutal long time. ten days!!! i think i could realistically do 5. how about you?

we are going to SF 9/3 - 9/8 for the bar mitzvah extravaganza. do you want to set a date for after this? i'd hate to cleanse and then immediately turn around and toxify myself!

Katie said...

wow, such a great weekend, but I really loved the kimono! great job on such a perfect gift:-)

Pete and Shelley said...

This is the first time I've visited your blog and it just might inspire me to pick up a hobby (other than keeping up with twins). :-) You are super talented.

Also, I can't stop laughing about the "Large Marge" comment!