Monday, September 29, 2008

Bawdy vs. Body

Young girls dressed up in ridiculous barely there frocks with 6 inch stiletto hooker heels. They stumble awkwardly, trying to maintain their balance and appear confident, all the while tugging the top of their too small strapless dress up again. Their Mamas walk behind them, oblivious to their error, cooing about the pictures they will take, seeing their daughters off to the night of Homecoming dances and who knows what else these days.
(Scene from the park on Friday evening while I played with the boys on the climber and observed the going ons).

I never did that, at least I do not think that blatantly and at such a young age. I maybe cringe a little bit when I think back on my concept of sexy in those high school years. But it seems like the sexy gets younger every year. And no offense to my Mama friends with girls, but I am glad I escaped that part of the world.

Now, I do think I know what sexy can be. It can be a lovely night (later that same Friday actually) with a close girlfriend, taking pictures to give to her husband as a Christmas surprise. Tasteful, yet revealing and just beautiful.
sexy jenn
The best part…she looked at the photos and told me she felt wonderful seeing herself like that. A night that started with us both being a little nervous (remedied by a few glasses of bubbly) ended with a set of racy photos, a totally trashed living room and two very empowered women (three, if you count her adorable sister who was my photog assistant).
post photo shoot
Post baby (babies) I think we all have to reclaim our own sexy goddess. I am still looking for mine, but I am so glad I was able to help another mama find hers.

And who knows, this could lead me into a new career direction. I can see it now…the ‘Bawdy Mama ‘ Photographer. Already all my other friends are clamoring for a night for their own session.

Just so you know…J okayed the use of her photos. And they were quite a bit racier, but I cropped out all the good stuff ;)
my fave by far
My favorite of the night

So, now, I challenge you, all my Mama (and non Mama friends) to do something for yourself that brings to the surface a little of the sexy. Maybe a new pair of pretty panties, maybe wear something that brings out your racy side….and enjoy it. We do not have to leave the sexy to the teenage girls, actually, it is probably okay for us grown women to take it back.


Lola and Ava said...

First off, the photos are gorgeous and any husband should be happy to get them. Second, your friend has a beautiful little tat there on the shoulder. And finally, here here - I detest trying on clothes because it isn't fun, but as I approach 39 in two weeks (exactly), something as to get fun again.

Anonymous said...

funny, right before I read this I am sitting in bed with my laptop and I was poking at my tummy fat left over from BG.. haha.. I could defnitley use some new cute underwear. A matching bra and panties make me feel great!

pinkurocks said...

The photos are gorgeous! What a fabulous idea for a new job!!! It is so easy to get so caught up in your kid/kids that you forget about yourself and your inner sexiness!!! I'm thinking of ways I can take up your challenge!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my... I think you may have a great idea there!!! Those photo's are gorgeous!!! I love the lighting in them. If I were you I would really think about this as a (new) career.

Cheers Eva

Kate said...

I vow that tonight I WILL NOT climb into bed next to my hot husband in granny panties and one of his old t-shirts!! I will pull something out of the dusty lingerie drawer and stretch it over my post c-section belly. I will step into some slinky panties that disappear (not because they are thongs but because my rear devours them) as soon as I wrestle them up my cottage cheese thighs. I will slather lotion on my prickly, I mean, freshly shaved legs.....and armpits. Sexy mama, here I come!

Thanks for the inspiration!

LauraC said...

Fantastic photos, as always! One of my other blog friends recently started boudoir photography (she has 6 kids under the age of 9 and still thinks sexy!!):

It reminds me of the photography shots I did while pregnant. It really changed my perspective from being HUGE to being delightfully deliciously RIPE.

Bon said...

wicked post, Mamie. and those photos are fabulous.

i think i need a few more weeks before i can consider reclaiming my inner sexy mama - the postpartum swelling is taking its sweet time to go down this time - but damn, i wish i could hire you to take some photos when the time comes!

brook said...

just two words for you: hanky pankies. so sexy AND comfortable. the photos are hot, if i do say so myself. the more i read your blog, the more i appreciate women and my desire for awesome, delightful, funny, confident women in my life. you rock!

Anonymous said...

You. Are. A. Hot. Mama. :)

the botticelli babe said...

"Bawdy Mama Photographry" has a certain ring to it, doesn't it?