Thursday, October 02, 2008

October Rocks

October is my favorite month of the year. It always has been. It holds my birthday, Halloween and the true turning of fall here in Southern California. Well not for the last few years. I recall Halloween with long sleeves on under my ballet costume. Now it is more like, "Just wear a bikini, it is so friggin' hot". I digress. Anyway, I love October and this year I am gearing up for it to be a great one. I am excited about the next few weeks for a variety of reasons. It has been crazy craft central round these parts, and though I feel a little bit scattered due to crafting in many different direction, I also feel really great about all the things I have my hands in right now.

Knitting wise there has been some interesting progress in the Christmas queue. This is where the brilliance of Ravelry comes in. I recalled Earthchick had posted about clogs once, and instead of having to sift through her archives, Rav allowed me to click through her projects and then see everyone else's. The pattern is interesting and quick.
Pre Felting Clog
I cast on and off in two days for the first clog. It is basically like a giant short row heel project and the directions, though a little confusing, are easily followed if you re-write them for whatever size you are knitting. I did the women's small. Can't you tell.
Pre Felting Clog
This is pre-felting, and it all looks a little bit wonky but I think the finished project will be cute and cozy.

I also found a purpose for my recent purchase of Habu stainless steel/silk.
Habu Stainless Steel/Silk
I knew it would fit with something in the stash. This is one of the 'Exciting October' things. If it works out and the finish is as imagined, I might just have my first project to post to Ravelry and share around. So far I am loving the combination of yarns and the structure the Habu lends to the knitted fabric. The Habu blends into the thicker yarn to the point that it is almost indiscernible, but in the right light it catches and glimmers and looks lovely.
So, we will see. I am finding it a bit of slow going as I keep darting from one project to another, but it is a super simple concept and I hope to share it soon.

The February Lady sweater is still woefully short a sleeve. I cast off the first sleeve a few days ago and know I should just get to the second but I hat DPNs with a passion. I usually magic loop it, but have no size 8 needles long enough so DPNs it is.
FLS :: hating the dpns
I find it so fiddly and clicky and awkward. I will just shut up and cast on and get it done so I can move on, and maybe even wear it is the cool down comes that the inaccurate weathermen are predicting. This one is going to need a nice aggressive blocking to lengthen it a bit as I stopped a bit short in the body area. But I think it will bloom a bit due to the lace. Again, it is a we'll see.
Jeez, I need to limit my use of the words 'a bit' in my run on sentences. Yikes.

I am excited to say I will be participating in my first crafting fair. It is the Village Venture in Claremont (come out if you are near, it is October 25). Oddly enough, it will not be knitting, but sewing that I am going to be trying to push. Actually, I will not have to do much at all. My lovely friend Jess always has a booth and in the past made the coolest purses. For the last few years she has been pretty busy, so she sets up her booth with cool things she wants to sell, mostly stuff from around her place, a few purses, some knit scarves and whatever else she can get. And it sells. Wanna' know why? Because she is absolutely stunningly gorgeous with an unerring eye for presentation and people cannot resist going in and buying stuff. I think they are hoping some of her will rub off on them or something. And her purses also rock. So, we will see. If nothing sells, then I know I am a total bust. And if it does I just might have another little tutorial to share, of the needle and thread variety. Sorry, no photos yet.

And last but not least, I am putting together a little giveaway. Here is a peek.
You'll see
I will have more information soon, but it is mainly just because. Because I love all you that read and I want to give you something. So stay tuned and come visit if you see a title that says, um, "giveaway" or something equally clever like that.

Now, off I go, this weekend is a huge one. BFFs getting married, Tim in it, I am her 'personal' photographer. It should all be very very nice.


LauraC said...

Wow oh wow. Those creations are gorrrggggeous. I've got an October giveaway coming up too! It's my third blogversary!

brook said...

looooovvvvveeeee the february lady!! that is one of my all time sweaters to wear when it's a bit cooler outside. ;) can't wait see your purses!

Dawn Johnson said...

Sounds like your up-coming weekend will be as blissful as my past. Thank goodness for these pieces of beauty when the world is so wacky.

You're newest creations are beautiful, I especially love the 'clogs'. I have more to say but I need to just do a blog post about it.

gleek said...

oooh, i can't wait to see your clogs! will you put something on the bottoms? your habu creation will be beautiful!

jen said...

can't wait to see the finished/felted clogs!

Claroux said...

You are so freaking talented that it kills me. Seriously - you are my crafting idol. I am trying to make all my Christmas gifts but the progress is slow as I am terribly out of practice - especially with the sewing. My attempt to teach myself to knit failed miserably. After years and years of crocheting my hands just won't go the way they need to to knit. Oh well... am seriously thinking about begging you to allow me to commission you to knit me a sweater that I am coveting from Ravelry (after the holidays, of course).

October is my fav month as well. Nuggets' b-day, wedding anniversary, incredible weather, Halloween, leaves, pumpkin picking, hayrides....I could go on all night.

But seriously - you are wicked talented!!!!!

Preeti said...

Can't wait to see the felted clogs! You've been crafting up a storm, it's wonderful!!!