Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Kickoff

I have been meaning to address the post- Cleanse period, but things have been totally crazy around here and it is not slowing down anytime soon. I will put it briefly by saying, I feel great. Really healthy, light, slim and full of energy. I did the Cleanse early in the month because I knew I needed something to kick start my energy because things are so busy from now until Christmas. Our best friend’s are getting married and Tim is their best man. The nest few weekends are filled with Bachelor/Bacherlorette parties, showers, moving a brother to college in Santa Barbara, the wedding, a autumn trip and then the holidays begin. Whew. It makes me glad I started Christmas knitting in july.

The weekend was a blur, my sister, b-I-l and Baby Kayda were in town, we crammed in time with our children, cuddling, passing kids around, eating (my plan to slowly back off the Cleanse went to hell in a hand basket when my parents prepared an Indo feast on Sunday), discussing Mama hood (in the bathroom after one too many sakes… sisters are the best things in the world) and hugging.
almost got them all
We marveled at the fact that we are now Mamas and the changes it has wrought in our lives. And we laughed, about it all, because that is what you do.
Our Kayders is a perfect blend of her Mama and Dada and our boys had no idea what to do with a baby. They stared mute as my sister breastfed, trying to figure out the whole milk situation, they handed her toys but stole her binky, and they played the occasional pack horse when needed.
ride 'em, cowgirl
But I could tell they loved it, this new person, these family members that we see and wish for more time with. Oh, distance, it really strikes home how hard it is to be far from family when the children come into the picture.

I also had the chance to gift my sweet Kate with her wedding shawl. It was received with smiles and modeled briefly before getting tucked away until the big day.
I had to include pictures of the wrapping because I love it so. Wedding section of Target if you would like some for yourself.
I was quite proud of wrapping it as there was so much going on before her shower I could almost have imagined walking in and just handing it to her. But I did it, got it in the box and properly made up. I am really looking forward to time with her this weekend, we are all escaping to a luxury villa in Palm Desert for the weekend, just the girls and some food and wine. And a personal butler. And a personal chef (alright, it is one of the Mama's of an attendee and only for one night, but still, she is a chef and preparing a gourmet meal for just us. Woot). This will be my first solo trip away from the family and I am bubbling with excitement. I rarely went away even pre-babies, but this group of women rock, they are really down to earth, fun to be with and I cannot wait. And, ahem, did I mention the butler?

So, I have been knitting but I have most of the projects in various states of completion and none are very bloggable right now. But they are fun. I have a list projects to try to get to each week/month/etc and I seem to be sticking to it. And finding it fun and rewarding. But I did get distracted by some fabric that I bought in anticipation of Dia de las Muertas (almost as great a day as Halloween).
Snip those threads, Mama
I wanted to make the boys some pants, found this cozy flannel, then was inspired by the cooler mornings and fall like temperatures of the last two days (yeah, that would be low 60s in the morning and 80s in the afternoon...autumn California style. The pants are a quick project, I run into trouble on the waistband, but for these I just folded over the top, seamed with a hole in the back and threaded some elastic through the waist band. I used 1.5 inch elastic which seems to be comfortable on their baby tummies.
Halloween pants
And they were so cute, actually trying to get them on during the 'fittings'. It is almost as if they know when I make them something and get excited about it. Makes me feel so great. And I am encouraged to keep sewing, even though I am challenged by it in many ways.

So, onward to the rest of the week. Friday Tim and I are going on the Claremont village Wine Walk, a first for us. It sounds great, a night in the village, walking to shops that will be serving wine and food. If you are anywhere near Claremont you have to try The Back Abbey for excellent Belgium imported beer, then cross the court yard into Casa 425's enclosed patio, where you can sit and have a drink on comfy outdoor couches next to a glass firepit (our anniversary night and maybe post Wine Walk). Then off to the Villa for me on Saturday. I promise to take pictures.

And the last thing...probably the last time we can cram them into the same swing. they had a blast.

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Supabloggasuprememama said...

sorry I am so behind on the blogging world. love these are so talented! and of course, as always, your boys so cute. love the little pic at the top with your family.