Saturday, September 06, 2008

Master Cleanse :: Day Five


I am going to blog some of the less than pleasant aspects of the Cleanse first. Here, on Day 5, I find myself in the fifth day of a headache that is currently wrapping itself around my brain and preventing me from typing in any effective way. It hurts. And I am over it. I have had it since Day 1, but I can usually function okay with a headache. I have found myself reaching for the little orange Motrin that sit on my bedside table more than once, then reminding myself to drink water and leave the pills there...because on a cleanse, well, I think over the counter meds are a bit off limits. I have been using Wonder Oil (a Indo remedy consisting mainly of strong eucalyptus oil), drinking water, getting neck massages. And none of it helps much.

I am a bit surprised at the persistence of the headache as I usually only have one small cup of coffee in the morning, so I did not expect such a lingering (with such a vengeance) of the headache. It is likely due to the absence of the whole lot, the carbs, the coffee, the glass of wine I like to savor. I am not sure it is going to go away during this time.

Good stuff: Not feeling weighed down anymore, not having any type of indigestion and/or other GI stuff, and I have been sleeping so well, without any of the night wakings that have become standard since the twins were born. And with the sleep has come a return of the vivid dreams I used to have before children and total sleep disruption. I always loved my dreams, they have never been terribly exciting or relevant, but I used to wake and recall the whole thing, start to finish. In the last few days this ability has returned and I welcome it.

Another thing; I was worried about energy, you know, the kind required to chase two insane toddlers around, maintain some modicum of a household and work a few hours in the meantime. And I am happy to say there was a lot of energy to go around. I almost feel as if I had more, odd as that may sound. I took less downtime and accomplished a few things I had been meaning to get to. One of which was to jump on the February Lady Bandwagon (I know, not the smoothest knitting segue) and get this to the point where I feel it may be ready for Autumn, when it comes to us (usually in October).
'bandwagon' progress

I am using Cascade Yarns Venezia Worsted, it is lovely. It is a solid colored yarn, merino and silk, with a lovely sheen and drape. I think it will be a welcome piece to add to my 'knits I will wear' collection. I can see why so many are enamoured of this pattern. It is simple and fairly quick, the lace repeat easily memorized and the construction looks flattering to all shapes and sizes. I would have loved to try Sundara's worsted weight yarns, but apparently that wagon is long gone. Oh, how I would love to get some (read: all) of the yarns I find through Ravelry and other people's projects and stash.

I think the 5 days of the Cleanse were a good start. It has demystified the process and built my confidence that I can try the 10 day in the future. It has done no harm and made me feel a bit lighter, a bit more conscious of what, how and when I want to eat. I have read that Days 5 to 10 are when the real detox starts, lots of accounts of disgusting tongues and body pain, but I think for now I can say I am done.

My plan for the next three or four days is to do the lemonade for the first part of the day and then introducing a vegetable meal in the afternoon, using the salt water flush every two or three days and then figuring it out from there. I do feel like I am cheating by doing only the 5 days, but I think I am where I need to be for now and I will revisit the Cleanse at a later time.

Next, up, more knitting content and new pictures of my niece Kayda. She really is to die for.


Dawn Johnson said...

My husband and several friends have done the master cleanse over the years with lots of exciting stories and positive reviews. I've been too afraid to try it because of the very concern of having enough energy to chase after the boys and keep a level head. It's good to read your experiences and know that it's possible.

gleek said...

oh my god, yes. if i did the cleanse i would have a headache for days on end! i do drink a lot of caffeine. i wish it weren't so but i don't think that i'd be able to do everything that i do without it! you are a brave brave woman! thanks for keeping us in the loop :)

brook said...

this may sound crazy, but i love cleansing. the more i do them, the less junk i want to eat, and the "easier" they get. for me, i always realize so much more about how food not only affects my physical body, but how it affects my mental and emotional states as well. thanks for sharing!

brook said...

what a sweet compliment!! thank you! let me know when you come to sb, i would love to have some tea and knit or something!

p.s. i will let you know when my site is up!

take care. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for sharing your experience with this. I'm so glad you're feeling better!