Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finishing for Friday

I am excited about so many things on so many levels. It is proving to be a busy month, and some of my initial intentions have yet to pan out. I wanted to have my first pattern up, my give away ready, their Halloween costumes complete (Saturday is our twin group‘s annual Halloween party, anticipating 40 sets of twins. Madness)…and none of these things are ready yet. But there are a few things that did come to be complete.
For the Craft Fair

This weekend there is a great craft fair called the Village Venture in Claremont. I have attended for years and a good friend has always had a booth where she sold the coolest purses, vintage inspired with a bit of cheekiness imparted by saucy appliques. Well, this year she has struggled to find the time to make her purses and we decided I would make a few things to put in her booth, see if I could generate a few sales and fill a few open spots.
For the Craft Fair
So I made a some bags and I like the end result, bright and fun and vivid. A few months ago I made myself two bags and I use them heavily, they fit on the wrist and carry just enough to make them useful.
For the Craft Fair

There is another project that I will be selling tomorrow, here is a closer look.
For the Craft Fair
I want to see how it goes over on the weekend, whether it is well-received. It is a pattern that came to me due to many long stroller walks, many fumbling moments and a few spilled bottles/sippy cups. I will say more later...but crossing my fingers and hoping it is appreciated.
For the Craft Fair

I am linking this post to the Finished Friday posts. I came across this blog due to twin mamahood but was happy to find another crafty lady. I really love how the world of motherhood and crafting intersects so often on blogs. If you have some finished items go post them over at LitandLaundry on Fridays. it is so neat to meet other crafters through this medium.

Hope your Friday brings some completion to your week, a feeling of accomplishment, and a little something to share. Mine is bringing my 33rd birthday tomorrow. I have to say it again...the decade of the thirties is proving to be the best years ever. So grounded, so full, so fun. Bring it on, 33!
Cal Poly Pumpkin Festival


Threeundertwo said...

What great bags! I love those fabrics!

I think motherhood and crafting go together perfectly. Sometimes crafting is the only thing I do in the course of a day that *stays* done, unlike dishes and laundry and cooking.

Thanks for joining in, and believe me, I have many things that I've been working on for a long time that I hope to post. It isn't about getting it done in a week, it's about getting something done each week.

kat coyle said...

well, Happy Birthday! and good luck with your crafts. the purses look great!

annie said...

what a lot of beautiful bags! looking forward to the secret crafty thing. Did you think about opening an etsy shop? I want one of these :)
have a nice birthday, says another thirty-something girl, who is having her birthday soon, too! October is the best month, isn't it?

pinkurocks said...

Happy Birthday! Another 1975 babe like me!!! Enjoy your weekend with your special boys and I'm sure you'll sell all of your gorgeous bags!

Lola and Ava said...

Happy Birthday! October is an awesome month for birthdays, if I do say so myself. Good luck with the bags - they look fabulous!

LauraC said...

Have a fantastic birthday! Hope you have something special planned.

Sarah-potterknitter said...

I hope you sell well!
and Happy Birthday! I must agree that the 30s are pretty great so far

lori z said...

happy birthday ... and good luck the sales!

Mona said...

amiee, you have talent,taste and charm so I can only imagine success for you! Looking forward to my visit next week.
p.s. October and fall are my favorite month and season. Give Tim and the boys a big hug and kisses from me.

Maggie May said...

ooo i love your eye for fabrics! they look so gorgeous lined up like that. love the greens and the leaf pattern.

and Happy Birthday!!!!

gleek said...

happy birthday! the 30s is where it's at!! :)

oh, and i want to know about these mystery stroller thingies that you made. i probably need one :)

Preeti said...

Have a super fantabulastic birthday!!! I agree the 30's rock!!!!

The bags are sooo lovely and so are the cute little mystery bags. I hope you sell everything at the fair:)

Patty said...

I love your bags! Good luck at the craft fair and Happy Birthday!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday!! Love your bags. I've been making the drawstring variety, but I want to try the zippered bags. Beautiful work!

Gabrielle said...

Happy Birthday Ames! Hope it was a wonderful day, and best wishes for a fabulous year. I love all your beautiful creations for the craft fair, I bet they sold brilliantly.

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that you got to sleep in, eat breakfast in bed and were able to drink your coffee while it was still hot.

The purses are out of this world amazing! You continue to to impress me with your supply of talents. Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, first of all! And, OMG, I'm so proud of you- this is so cool! Can't wait to hear about the craft fair. Oh, and I love those bags! :)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

How fabulous you are! I love these fabrics, as well. I want to see more!!! DO you have an etsy site? You really need one!