Wednesday, October 22, 2008

KNits :: Onward Ho, Matey!

There has been scads of knitting and other crafting going on but I realized I have been a bit lax in reporting it here. I am so happy with the pace of my Christmas Knitting. I chose fairly small projects in order to make it a realistic goal to make something for each family member (and you know how many of those there are).

My latest FO is Skully, this great little beanie made for a great little boy.
The original pattern is this, very nice but I was worried it would be a little much for a young boy. I scoped through Ravelry and found this version and used the same idea. Basically, I kept the skull motif and the beginning border and then just went with a basic beanie recipe for the rest, using the decrease method from this hat. It turned out just as I had hoped. I love the fact that the skulls look a little evil, their grins just a tad bit manic, very appropriate to the season even if it will be stored until Christmas. The deets are on Rav, if you have not joined up yet, you must. It is such a valuable resource for any knitter, novice or expert. Oh, the other modification I did was a knitted in hem, the original pattern suggests I knit in the hem later, but I find it much simpler to do the hem as part of the pattern rather than go back.
KNitted Hem
And I loathe picking up stitches.

Have to give a few props to my baby brother.
He gamely modeled the hat this morning (a bit tight, he reported, which is good as this is for a smaller boy). He even liked it. Now that is a major accolade as he is a high school senior. Hmmm, might have to revise my Christmas gift for him and whip out another one of these.
Skull Detail
(Close up of grinning Skull, very Nightmare Before Christmas, eh?)

And the Bandwagon is done and buttoned up and blocked and requiring a photo session, which will not happen this week as we are going to hit 95 degrees today (WTF?) It never fails, I finish a sweater and the thermometer skyrockets. maybe I should knit a bikini so we can see some snow. Hurump.


Kate said...

That has got to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

lori z said...

cute hat!

It is a little frustrating to see people from different parts of the country wearing cute tights and warm sweaters, when its still quite warm here. At least its getting cooler at night!

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

It's done!?!? Can't believe it - I'm knitting at a snail's pace.
Love, J

Bon said...

dude. that is cool.

Maggie May said...

that is really cool, i know my 12 year old would love it!

your brother has a beautiful profile:)

lesleysmeshly said...

Hi, I found your blog via How do you do it. Do you sell those beanies? I have 2 year b/g twins and would LOVE a pink one and black one for them.


ana martinez said...

the skully is amazing.