Friday, October 03, 2008

I Died

I want to hate the Rachel Zoe Project. She, of the scarecrow stick body and baggy eyes/crepey neck, spending ten thousand on vintage Givenchy. I think I do hate her. But apparently, I love her patterns of speech. Since I started watching I have incorporated the saying, "I died" and "That's bananas" into my daily thoughts. Ugh. But I kinda' love it, too. Ah, the woes of a born and raised Southern California girl. Just cannot get away from the inherent need to have these ridiculous things pepper my speech. I just might start saying them out loud. Like,

I died.

I died

And again.

I really did

With Opa.

They both say "Opa" now

Didn't you when you saw these?


Dawn Johnson said...

You make me wish we had cold weather here so that I could put the boys in cute little caps! Although honestly it's the boys that made the caps so darn cute.

Bea said...

I'm not sure who Rachel Zoe is, but I died when I saw O and M in those hats! It's just too much :D They are so so so cute! Check out Robby's blog, for his crazy dancing video, you'll die again...Hugs!

Sereknitty said...

So cute! And nice job on the hat ... would you care to share the pattern??

BTW, I'm back in blogland, so stop by when you get the opportunity!

Kate said...

The hats are absolutely precious! So, um, yeah, do you ever sell any of the gorgeous items you make? (Like I really need toboggans here in balmy Alabama!)

Preeti said...

OMG, that post title is so fitting. Your boys are so, so cute in their viking-y hats!!!

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Cute, Cute and CUTE!

Did I ever tell you about my unfinished hat for the babes? I used to knit all the time (especially on airplanes since I was always traveling for work) and when I found out I was pregnant, I started on a baby cap...when I found out it was twins, I left the first one unfinished and now I can't remember where I was in the pattern. O'well. I figure I'll take up my knitting eventually.

I love busting out words that are geographically-linked. For instance, I told Brook that his pasta was "epic" this evening. I even said it with a slight "whoah man" tone. He loved it. It surprised him, which is the best part. Even though I am from Oregon originally and lived in AK for nearly 5 years (aka west coast girl), I still love saying "wicked". It just doesn't get any better.