Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finishing for Friday (on Thursday) =

October has shaped up to be a busy month. I have had such a blast preparing and celebrating the season even though our temperatures refuse to back down from the 90s. It looks like we will have cooler weather for our Halloween celebrations which is awesome as the boys 'costumes' really are not complete without their jackets. It brings it all together.

This past week, In a fit of crafting I made a pair of reusable trick or treat bags for the boys to use in our local MOM club party.
reusable halloween goodie bags
Well, we were a little late to the party and the bags did not see any use, but I love them and look forward to trying them out tomorrow. I found a few themed placemats and dishtowel and cut and sewed them into these. I love the idea of keeping them and having the boys use them yearly. I might even add a patch for each year to help us recall how they dressed up.
reusable halloween goodie bags
And it goes along the sustainable, non plastic lines, even though the original materials may have been created in a place where folks do not get paid enough for their talents (sorry, digression, consuming is something I have been thinking about a lot lately).

I loved seeing Halloween come to our home in different ways, the various homages to the season, my favorite of the year. This little display features an antique chair I found at last week's craft fair (my only purchase and quite reasonable at 20$) and a cleverly carved pumpkin, designed by my brother Jon.
peter peter
I called him Peter the Pumpkin eater, as he consumed his little brother/friend. So very cute, and now collapsed due to our unseasonably warm weather. Glad I had a photo opportunity.
pumpkin eater

Speaking of Jon, I had to include this shot I took this morning. This is Jon and David, his best friend since the small years.
Never too old
I know we are all worried at times in regards to the disaffection of the young, the early loss of innocence that seems to happen if allowed. But here is a shot showing that all youth is not lost. My baby brother, now a senior in high school, still gets dressed up for Halloween. Today is their dress up as they are off tomorrow. He was up late chopping up t-shirts and preparing his "Robin" boy wonder costume. Pretty sweet. huh? Creativity definitely runs in the blood. I loved it when he said he was doing it because as a senior no one can make fun of him, he is at the top. Love him.

And to top it off, I have one more Christmas present crossed of the list. This is the Sun Ray Shawl, a pattern I found due to Brook.
sun ray shawl
She made it look so lovely and I wanted to try a new lace pattern. This one is free, easy and quick due to largish needles and thicker yarn. I have knit a few Xmas gifts with Knitpicks Elegance and I am smitten. It is soft and drapey and has a great feel in the fingers while knitting. And Knitpicks' prices make the slight luxury so reasonable. The photo does not do the color justice, it is a deep blue green with a sheen due to the silk. MMMmmmm. I will not say who it is for as the recipient occasional stops by. But it is a lace piece for someone I dearly love. The deets are on ravelry.

So, Friday, you are not here yet, but I am finished with you so I can get down to the real business of Halloween. So, here are a few shots of the boys 'in costume'.
Halloween 2008
Now, I did not mean to do two giveways in one week, but I want to see how many out there can guess what they are going as. First commenter to get it right will receive a special little sewn gift, the mystery piece I have yet to blog about. More on that next week.

Okay, folks. Now is the time to embrace the spooky, the altered, the different, the hidden, the scary and the sweet. Hope you have an awesome holiday and find just the right identity for you and your little ones. I cannot wait to see the posts coming up after this weekend. Boo!


Anonymous said...

My guesses to the boys' Halloween costumes:
1. Dean and Sam from Supernatural
2. the Hardy Boys

Whatever they are dressed as, they sure are adorable!

Kate said...

I have no clue what the boys are, but I am in love with your brother. How cute!! It is so nice to see someone with that much confidence at that age.

pinkurocks said...

I also have no idea. characters from Grease???!!

Emily said...

The guys from Grease

Threeundertwo said...

Zack and Cody?

gleek said...

i'm going to give C a pillowcase for candy and see what happens. that's what we always used as kids! :) happy halloween!

Anonymous said...

cry baby and a soc or characters from the outsiders. Love those treat bags and the patch idea is brilliant!

Preeti said...

M and O look adorable as always even though I can't guess who they're dressed as!! The treat bags are such a great idea - fantastic way to use holiday themed towels that seem to make their appearance only briefly each year.

Patty said...

The trick or treat bags are great! And, I love Peter the pumpkin eater. Clever idea!

Sereknitty said...

My guesses:

1. Either a monkey or lion
2. Either Squiggy or Fonzie

Love the halloween treat bags -- good job!

brook said...

way behind on my blog reading..... your shawl is sooooo beautiful. i love mine so much!!!

Katie said...

wow ~ You must be so busy! It's been a little while since I've checked in and there is so much to catch up on. The boys looked amazing in their costumes - and your brother is awesome!

Have a great day!