Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Redux 08

Halloween morning dawned like this...
Halloween 2008
A freakishly beautiful sky with a double rainbow and the oddest clouds I have ever seen.
Halloween 2008

We did not go all out for their costumes because they try to take off everything at this age, including their diapers, so I figured simple is better. Introducing The Greaser and the Soc from the quintessential teen movie from my youth The Outsiders. It is gold, Pony boy.
Halloween 2008

A little disingenuous but cute. The hair product Tim brought home from RiteAid was not Three Flowers, he went with Wild Root (hair groom). It was greasy and effective.
Halloween 2008
I think I had more fun combing it through their hair and seeing it stay in one place for five minutes. My kids are fairly clean but rarely well put together, cannot say Halloween was any different.
Halloween 2008

The real joy was having their Gramma Mona here from Portland. The visit was meant to coincide with the holiday and we have decided this is a new tradition. We had a lovely early t-or-t in downtown, stumbling from business to business as they handed out candy and cooed over the kids. We hung out with our favorite friend Zac, dressed as the sheriff/cowboy.
Halloween 2008
6 months older, he was pretty good about keeping the kiddos in line and showing them that it was cool to walk up to those folks with the hug bowls of candy. Jenn is my crafty friend that whipped out his costume on her machine, and get this, he is wearing his daddy's, they had some style back then.
Halloween 2008

We went home to eat a real dinner, which was interesting. This is the face Mason made after consuming one DumDum lolly.
Halloween 2008
Owen would not stop running.
Halloween 2008
Yeah, I have never given them candy before. They thought raisins were candy until October 31st.

After dinner we went back out to the downtown area, it was madness, like Disneyland on Saturday in July. Homes decorated to the 9s, lots of fun ones and too many scary for little ones. The boys did awesome until it was a bit too much. We ended up visiting our friends' house where they were giving out candy from the porch after the t-or-t'ers has made their way through a fairly terrifying haunted house. We circumvented it to go up and say hi and Owen climbed into my friend's lap and contentedly helped hand out candy for ten minutes. I thought it was adorable that he found the giant box of candy behind her and started handing her candy and looking at her like 'get back to your job, lady'. We kept the boys up an hour past regular bedtime than took them home to a quick bath to wash out the hair grease with a long a wonderful undisturbed night..and a late wake up...yeah, that would be 6:30 a.m. Yep, I said late.
Halloween 2008
No night time photos, I thought wrangling the kids with camera in tow would be pretty silly. maybe next year.

I have to say this has been the best Halloween I have experienced. I have always embraced the holiday in many ways. This year I had more energy than last year, we had Gramma, we had fun, we had them. I cannot wait to do it again.
mamas and their boys

Add: Almost forgot, the winner of the Guess The Costume was Jennifer. Hit the nail on the head with that one. Jennifer, I could not get to your profile, could you leave me an email with your contact info?


Lola and Ava said...

HA . . . those might be the funniest costumes ever simply for the book reference. Love it!

Patty said...

They have to go on the list of Best Costumes Ever. Did people know who The Greaser and the Soc were when you told them or did you carry a copy of the paperback with you? And, way to go, Jennifer, for your guess!

Kate said...

Hinton would have been proud! Are they going to be Motorcycle Boy and Rusty James next year???

Preeti said...

Love the hair and the post-candy face, awwww!!! It looks like all of you had a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

OMG, these costumes are SO RAD! A greaser and a soc from The Outsiders - brilliant! Love (100)

LauraC said...

LOVE the 80s reference!

I got my secret for keeping the boy's bed head under control from Carrie in AK. She uses No More Tangles spray-in conditioner. We use it only in morning and it keeps the boys' hair completely under control. Before then, it was lots of water, gel, mousse (yes, I use mousse! so 80s but it works!), and even hair putty.

Now I spray their hair with No More Tangles then put some gel in and voila.

Glad to had a great Halloween. It is awesome to live these holidays through their eyes!

Bea said...

Those are the coolest costumes, I love that they are not your typical Halloween costumes! Robby had the most candy he's ever had, just like you, candy for him was frozen blueberries, and he had some tummy issues as a result. I didn't dress him up, gasp, I was lazy this year, but we did go to a party, and keep him up till 10 :P Happy belated birthday, thanks for the sweet birthday wishes, hugs and kisses to you and your family!