Sunday, November 09, 2008

Eighteen (and a half) Months

You might be wondering what happened to my twins boys with all the frenzied crafting round here lately. No, I did not drop them off at the nearest Church day care and forget to pick them up. They are here, as crazy and active as ever before, discovering new things and teaching me on a daily basis. We are in that odd place of pre-verbal communication, one part gestures, one part somewhat intelligible speech and three parts screaming. Yeah, I know that does not add up correctly, but whatever. I am amused and fascinated by their language acquisition and totally understand what other Mamas were talking about when they wrote of their children's verbal explosions.
Apple "Picking"
Though for the most part they are still rambling little monkeys with screeches and Mason's odd French-like phrases, the weirdest words pop out of nowhere. Owen repeated the phrase 'the third grade' when talking to my brother the other day, Mason said 'sign language' after Elmo tried to teach them some signs (guess that boat has sailed) and both came up with pretty impressive versions of trick or treat. They picked it up Halloween night after our incessant repetition at the houses, their versions differ greatly but crack us up because they say it and then drop something (a toy, etc. ) into some receptacle they are the candy givers.
Post Candy
Owen says basket ball (b-b-ball) and turtle (daturrl), Mason likes imperatives like "do it' 'I do it' 'This way' and possibly 'I do it this way right now', but that is with heavy interpretation on my part.

Their individual expression is astonishing, the imprint of their physicality so unique. Owen has such a deliberate way of moving, but then he can clown it up. I must have really impressed Halloween on them because O has taken to hunching down the hall way in a crouch, growling. Yeah, he also is in his own personal training for the strong man (sic Baby) competition. This is a daily activity.
new hobby
Mason traipses about, always a little off kilter, on the edge of control. He loves to run but probably shouldn't. He also take fake falls that result in some pretty real injuries. I am hoping he sees the connection between these two things soon.
Apple "Picking"

It is not all happiness and light though, there is plenty of screaming going on, the toddler impatience is an issue I am struggling with and occasionally snapping on. The time change has not truly helped matters much, the hour before nap and bed time are some of the worst I have seen yet. Owen has perfected the 'limp body' technique (like a 28 pound noodle, that one) and the indignant stare. Mason prefers the 'throw self backward without regards for head safety' and his scream is the perfect combination of nails-to-chalkboard-shard-glass-sharp note that literally makes me shudder. All not fun, but manageable as long as I remind myself to breathe and occ. just leave them with Tim if needed (thanks, honey, you are a good good man).
Apple "Picking"

So, how does all the crafting come into play. I should totally not write this down...I won't...let us just say I find myself with a 2 sometimes 3 hour chunk of time mid day and I do not use it for chores. I do craft with them awake too. I show them materials (anything non-breakable, soft and not terribly expensive) and let them sift (actually throw and wrestle) with the bits. Bins can always be re-organized, fabric re-folded, straight pins removed form fingers (just kidding...kinda). It catches their attention and introduces them to Me, to what their Mama loves.
I want creating to be an intrinsic part of our lives, so this is what I am trying.

This past month (and change) saw a few first haircuts,
With Gramma Mona
an awesome visit from Grandma Mona who has not seen them since this fit on Mason's ankle.
Mason's Ankle Band And even though the boys have not seen her but the one time, when she got off the plane and we saw her, they instantly went to her and knew she was family. It made my heart feel so wonderful to watch them with her. She read to them, played with them, watched their antics at the park, laughed and giggled and rolled around and even got to do all the Halloween fun with us. And we now have vowed that Halloween is her holiday and she will be here from now on. Yippee.

It saw fun Halloween tricks and Fall activities including our recent apple picking trip, a golden afternoon hike another afternoon. The next few months will probably see even more activities including a planned trip to the cabin, Thanksgiving at the beach, more festivals, and of course, a Santa picture trip. Hard to believe I even included the last item. When did it come to be almost Christmas again? I cannot wait to celebrate the holiday season, with you two, my boys.
Apple "Picking"

And you know, well, that this Mama, she loves you. So very much.


Nonnahs said...

Another truly lovely post! I love how you're crafting around them and introducing them to it all. So great! xo-S.

Pixie Purls said...

awe, man the head throw back one always gets me, she has no idea what-so-ever for how she might totally hurt herself, and I often worry about her back. Funny how they all do it naturly isnt it?

Threeundertwo said...

I had the head throwing thing too. Why do they do that? It's amazing kids survive toddlerhood.

They're so gorgeous. Love those curls.

I got a lot of crafting done during nap time when the kids were little. Wish I still had those quiet chunks of time.

Claroux said...

Such a wonderful post! I love reading about how the boys are growing and discovering. I also LOVE that you let them go through your craft things and explain how fabric can be refolded and such. That is SO my motto when I'm home alone with the girls. Jeff is more of a control freak - picking up all the time behind them - but I prefer to let them explore and ask questions and I cherish each moment when I show them something for the first time and allow them to experience it with all of their senses. It's moments like that that make this motherhood gig truly amazing.

Oh - and I HATE HATE HATE the boneless noodle baby thing! Chloe does that ALL THE TIME. It's like she suddenly turns to jell-o and has no shoulders. I don't know how they do that but it's good and it certainly works at pushing out buttons doesn't it?

oh and Chloe moves about the same way you described Mason - somewhat off kilter and always right on the brink of falling and/or running into something. She's STILL like that. Jeff calls her our little sideways car because even though she's going straight she always looks like she's veering off to the side! Maddie, however, is our little linebacker. So strong and deliberate and goal driven. She scares me!

Again - I love reading about the boys. And you inspire me constantly with all your craft posts!

brook said...

they have curls just like my brothers did..... awwww, memories. now they are 21 and saucy and growing into adults. i helped raise them, so i sort of feel like a mom to them, actually all 4 of my younger siblings, so when they get older and do cool things, i sort of feel like maybe i had something to do with how great they are as human beings. maybe, maybe not.

although, we used to headbutt our mom, like run full speed and ram our heads into her butt. she hated that. :)

thanks for another great post.

Grandmere said...

I had not checked in here for quite a while and I am astounded at how much they have grown! They are adorable. My daughter is teaching herself to sew, with a 2 year old playing and interrupting. Crafting is what has always kept me sane, and she is finding it to be an important addition to her days.

The "no bones" stage doesn't usually last too long. I promise.

Your Mason and Owen are amazing.