Friday, November 07, 2008

Fall Finishing for Friday

Fall finishing. This autumn had been so welcome in our home. I seem to be embracing it with open arms and trying to cram as much craft as possible into the weeks before each holiday. Thanksgiving is no exception. My holiday favorites are ranked in the order they come: Halloween is always the big day in my book, followed by Thanksgiving, then Christmas. It is not that I do not love Christmas, just that the other two take higher places in my heart.

This year I found the time to gather some scraps of glittered things and shining leaves that have lurked in our craft storage box and fashion them into a wreath. For years I had two red berry wreathes (target store bought) that graced each side of the mantel. But they had seen their use and were misplaced/given/gone and so now we have this pretty.
I love that it came from stuff I had bought previously and hoarded away. The remaining leaves ended up in an impromptu bouquet on the mantel, accompanying some very odd seed pods collected one afternoon. I have been good about gathering a few of nature's latest offerings when out and about with the boys, some pretty leaves and acorns, seed pods and sticks. It makes me recall those younger days when I loved getting these objects to take home and display.
Fall has come Home
I hope the simple example carries over to them and they find delight in the slight seasonal changes we do get to see here in California. Right after they stop tying to sample all my collected nature items.

Speaking of seasonal changes, we finally backed down from the 80/90 range and saw a few days of chilly temps, sure, we are talking 60s, but that is cold here, people. It gave me a chance to wear my Bandwagon (aka February Lady Sweater) for three straight days in a row.
I love this sweater, along with the other 1200 people who have knit/blogged it. It really is ingenious, just the right length/weight/style to pair with jeans or pants, trainers or flats. I layered it with a light shirt one day, threw it on over a sweater in the chilly afternoon park play another.
It is such a great pattern and I think any new knitter longing to try their first sweater should go to this pattern. The always genius Elizabeth Zimmerman has such an intuitive way of designing and the pattern by FLintknits could not be written any better. I am pleased with the buttons, a find on Etsy, some type of dark wood, not highly polished and truly beloved by little fingers. We are practicing counting to three with them, so thanks EZ for advancing the next generation.
He loves them

The last project was a bit of a collaboration. I asked my brill brother Jon to sketch a turkey that I could use as an embroidery pattern. The kid is a natural, I handed him the pad and he was back in ten minutes with this cutie.
I ended up using blank shirts from this company, dyed them with Rit in a giant pot on the stove top and transferred the pattern with my trusty iron on transfer paper. The end result is the cutest thing I have stitched to date.
He captured the look I wanted to the tee. This plump turkey looks a bit desperate and googley eyed, hopefully he is the one that gets away this season.
I cannot say enough about the talent my brother carries with him so gracefully. He is currently in his senior year, contemplating art school. He has me contemplating an idea to help fund his education. I am thinking of having him design seasonal sketches that can be put up for sale in the shop and downloaded after payment. It might be a stretch, I do not even know how to do a pdf right now, but it would be so cool to do this with/for him.
Turkey turkey
And here is what Mason really thought of the modeling session with me.
How he really feels
Stay tuned for next week, if I can figure out the pdf thing I want to release the turkey sketch for you stitchers to try out and give verdict. Have a great weekend. Off to contemplate apple picking, some jam and applesauce making, oven cleaning and attic trips to figure out electrical problems. Whee.


Pork with Bones said...

I love that turkey! I'd certainly buy it, and I do very little embroidery.

Threeundertwo said...

I would love to embroider that turkey! I'm thinking a breadcloth for the dinner table. Thanks for joining in of Finished for Friday!

Cheryl Lage said...

Omigoodness! What wonderful things!
That turkey is simply too cute!

LauraC said...

Love the turkey! It makes me want to pull out my hoops and needles!

Patty said...

I love the turkey too and I love your sweater! And, your wreath turned out great. It's nice to find things in your stash and realize you can use them together and make something. Ok, I usually just stare at things and wonder what I can do with them but I'm glad one of us figured it out.

JesterXL said...

go crafty momma, wow! I love your FLS, and that hand-embroidered top/onsie is sooooooo cute! I havn't knit a stitch on vacation, lame!

Bon said...

the sweater, the turkey, the child...all gorgeous. and if that`s you in the sweater...Mamie, you`re lovely. :)

Anonymous said...

That is the CUTEST googlie-eyed, slightly desperate turkey I've ever seen! I love your embroidery work!

To make a pdf all I did was download free software (PDFCreator is one, Avery-the label people have one on their site for dl too). Once the software is installed all you do is create your pattern or document. I use Word. Then, you click "print" (not the printer icon!) and when the dialog box pops up, instead of your default printer, you choose the PDF software from the drop-down list. Click "ok" and it will "print" your document which for this purpose means saving it as a PDF. It will open a window asking you what to save it as, etc, and when done it will open your brand new PDF file for you to verify. Once the software is installed it really is as simple as "save as" only for some reason it routes through the print function.

brook said...

amiee, you inspire me!! happy knitting!!

Sereknitty said...

I, too have started a February sweater for myself, but have had to put it aside to get some Christmas knitting done -- such a great pattern! Yours is lovely in the green! That turkey is stinkin' cute, too.

gleek said...

your FLS is lovely! and yes, it is the bandwagon sweater seeing as more than 5 people in my knitting group are knitting it at the SAME TIME! :) including yours truly. anyway, such a great sweater and pattern.

you should definitely get your brother on with this embroidery idea! i think that it's a fabulous way to help fund his education.

Lola and Ava said...

Good god, that's a cute shirt! I'm sure the model has nothing to do with it... SO cute!


Preeti said...

Beautiful FLS and you look lovely in it:) Cute turkey, your brother is very talented!!

Anonymous said...

Bandwagon is gorgeous (love that color), as are you!