Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Power of the List

The power of the list. There is a list over at Mighty Girl, one of my favorite click-to-get-through-quickly sites, (that girl does not mince words. Unlike me) It inspired me to start a few different practices.. I picked up a ridiculous package of paper products and it contained a pad for each month. I have taken to writing a weekly list on Sunday, just jotting a few things to accomplish each day, a few reminders re:work and play, and then on the back side a few recipe plans for dinner that week. People, it works like magic. I do everything on the list. Granted, I only write four to five things for each day, but they all happen. I am telling, you the Power of the List is extraordinary.
Keeping me honest
The satisfaction is pretty powerful too, the crossing out makes me feel like Superwoman.

I have always been a bit obsessed with paper and buttons and calenders. I use a chalk board at bedside to track the date (sometimes the month) and this new board to keep track of Christmas gifting.
Cork board
My mom found the old cork board at a yard sale for 60 cents and I recovered it with a swatch of my cherished Heather Ross fabric, then whipped out a few of the cutest covered buttons, aesthetically pleasing and very helpful in keeping track of progress. Problem is I love the buttons so much I keep adding projects on to the the board. Just as an excuse to make more buttons Ack, stop.
Button joy

And one last list. I wrote this up for the year 32 and I can say I have actually done a few of the things written there even though I only reviewed it a few weeks ago. I love that by writing it and putting it into the sphere of being, well, it just came to be. I think number 24 is a bit ambitious but it might actually happen before my next birthday. I really want to make it back to Holland soon to see my Opa, to let him see the boys, his first great grandchildren. He is too fragile to travel here, though there is a possibility he will make one more trip. I just think it would be really cool to bring the little ones to one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. Not cool, the ten hour plane ride. But we will conquer that when the time comes.

1. Make the Easy Lap Quilt from Angry Chicken's book using my Heather Ross fabric swatch.
2. Lose the 10 pounds I gained post-partum. Yep, gained. Starting WW on Monday with the sister, no time like the present
3. Do at least one headstand a day to receive the benefits of yogic inversions.
4. Travel with the boys to the place where we made them. Canada, that is, eh?
5. Snowboard on a fresh powder day on the slopes of Mammoth. So close I can taste it
6. Take very deep breathes when needing to renew my spirits.
7. Reinstate long daily walks with the boys.
8. Bring my reusable grocery bags to the store at least 95% of the time, and if I do not, insist on carrying items out without bags.
9. Help out another mama-of-multiples the way so many other mamas have helped me.
10. Use some yarn stash for unique and simple gifts for family/friends.
11. Stop thinking I can do it all, stop trying to justify not being able to.
12. Get a real haircut.
13. Eat more green food, try to get fresh juices into my daily regimen.
14. Assist Tim in making matching furniture for our bedroom.
15. Knit this sweater despite the fact that I live in a climate that will afford little wear.
16. Move to a climate where I can wear it (maybe). (The move, I mean).
17. Buy pants that fit correctly and get them tailored to the correct length if they do not.
18. Learn how to properly use my mother's my sewing machine.
19. Clean the floors of the house more often.
20. Write to my friends in NY and Ireland.
21. Start and finish reading a book.
22. Retain some information from said book after the completion of reading.
23. Go to Church to renew that feeling I once had as a child... that feeling of awe.
24. Visit my Opa in Holland with my husband and children.
25. Let go of wrecked nap times when they occur.
26. Send my parents on an all-expenses paid weekend away...or at least pay for their gas when they drive to see my other siblings. Well, I did let them go away, even though I did not pay for it.
27. Shoot the boys in a studio setting with black and white real film. Getting the SLR might strike this one.
29. Stop watching inane TV.
30. Maybe just stop watching TV altogether. Except Pushing Daisies and The Office.
31. Raise beautiful baby boys.
32. Kiss my love every single day and thank the Source for my life as it is and as it can be.

33 is to take the photo of the turkey like I said I would. Let's see the power of the list in action, huh?

And here is a gratuitous knitting shot because I love to knit. Even if it is crazy to start yet another fair isle (when it was supposed to be just a simple stripe) hat for Christmas gifting.
Green Light Special
This is the Brooklyntweed's, I have started calling it the Green Light Special.
Fair Isle Fun
Want to join in the list fun? Go grab your paper (no Crackberries, folks, strike is not nearly as fun as crossing it out) and jot down a few things you need to do and one you want to do. And watch the magic happen.


jennifer said...

love it, amiee! i am a list girl as well, although all too frequently the lists never make it out of my head and onto paper. so here's the start of my new list:

1. write things down

you rock. xoxo

Preeti said...

I'm a big list girl and love crossing things off too. I lost my pre-vacation list and it was not pretty...

lori z said...

That's a pretty amazing list. You've accomplished so much. Keep it up. You really inspire me!

Lately (mostly for school) I've been using a software program called Things to organize my random and ever growing to do list. When I stop using it regularly, I feel a little crazed....and need to remember to stop and take a deep breath.

See you saturday!

Anonymous said...

I make lists, but mostly of small things I need to remember. I like the idea of making a bigger, more substantial list. You've inspired me to do so!

Can't wait to see you - I feel like it's been forever!

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

I'm a big list maker myself, but I have to take it to the next level, my dear! I do like my lists to look neat, so for instance, I'll re-write a grocery list or a to do list just because I don't like how my handwriting looked. Pathetic.

I love your list for year 32! You have accomplished so much. Especially the whole 'raising beautiful boys' thing. You are quite a woman!

LauraC said...

I keep meaning to get back here to leave a long comment...

Last fall, we had accumulated a to-do list over 100 items long as we were recovering from the first year of twins + two jobs + tons of illnesses with two kids in day care. I decided to do a public blog where I would accomplish 100 things in 100 days.

I ended up finishing only 87 of them but the 13 I did not finish were not achievable. It was crazy. Some of them were not small tasks either. It was things like paint the kitchen, get back to pre-baby weight, print all the pics of the boys' first year.

Like an IDIOT, I deleted the blog when I was done!!!

As a reward for finishing all those, I bought a pair of outrageously expensive jeans and DANG my slimmed down butt never looked better. I LIVE in those jeans (and have bought another pair since then).