Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Finishing : Herringbone for Him

This whole Finished for Friday thing is keeping me on track with Christmas knitting. It is as if the goal to have something to show on Friday helps me slog through the rougher points of a project. As much as I love knitting, there are times when a pattern pick just does not flow the way I want it to. That is the case with my Fair Isle hat pictured in the last post...not finished, but getting there. I am running out of main color yarn and had such a hard time with the actual pattern that I switched things up a bit and resorted to knitting stripes after completing one motif. We will see about end results, I am vacillating between love and mild angst at the thought of making it a gift. But, moving on to the finished project.

This is the Herringbone for Him.
Herringbone for Him
Who says a man can't wear a cowl? I really love the stitch pattern but had forgotten how hard it is on the hands. There is a lot of purling in this one and that is rarely something I embrace. But I have to say the finish is really worth it. I find I love scarf knitting but do not really embrace the whole length part of it. There are only so many times you can repeat the pattern and be into it, you know? So, this is a great solution for that.
Herringbone for Him
I found the pattern on Rav and the deets are there. I used a nice and soft tweedy yarn and love the effect the little flecks have on the overall appearance. And I think it suits the intended recipient perfectly.

So, not much else to show. I did post about a nice little board I made to keep myself honest in this Christmas gifting endeavor.
Keeping me honest
All the little boxes are things waiting to be made. There are a few more checked off, but I still have a considerable amount to make. Let's hope I do not hit a slump, huh? And I have to share this, hoping to have these little guys made up for some special little ones. Can you say, OMG, cutest thing ever? Wee Wonderfuls is about the most wonderfulest place ever.

And I just like this picture. I do not get in pictures enough. Here is a self portrait, messy mascara and all.
I'm gonna go clean up now.


Preeti said...

I love the tweedy flecks in the manly cowl and it looks so warm!!! I agree with your thoughts on scarf vs cowl knitting. Knit a big tube with fun pattern/shaping bits and you're done!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the cowl! Tweedy yarns like that are so manly and rugged-looking, and it is the perfect Winter accessory. Sometimes a scarf IS a bit much, but that cowl is the perfect thing to tuck into an open jacket neckline. I'm sure whomever gets it will love it!

Alisa said...

Gorgeous! All of it! You motivate me. Thanks. I'm dealing with my first project that isn't straight knit. I need the motivation right now!

Threeundertwo said...

That cowl is a great project! And those monkeys are insanely cute.