Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shoulda' Coulda'

What I should be doing =

:: Making an effort to clean up the laundry draped on every part of our room...dirty pile? clean pile? giveaway? Who knows anymore.
:: Packing (or at least planning to pack) for our trip to the Sierras which will likely require some snow gear, which we do not have for the boys. Hmmm.
:: Figuring out how we will cook Thanksgiving turkey without a working oven. Sweet. I think I just decided on ham.
:: Paying bills. And making the money to pay them.

What I am doing =

:: Dreaming about a new lens for the camera and wishing Canon did not make such a deal out of the 50 fixed 1.4, because anything better will cost us more than a mortgage payment.
:: Playing with the new sketches from Jon and wondering if I can deliver these in time for some Christmas stitching
Xmas Stitches preview
(sneak peek)
:: Knitting this,
Can't stop knitting it
and knitting and knitting and knitting (thanks for the line, PeeWee)
:: Watching this and listening to this. The first will make you pee your pants, the second might make you cry. Um. little warning on the vid, there is a bit of cheek in it, but it is all in fun, not dirty all all.
:: Typing this (badly I might add, due to a continued lack of viable sleep).

What I shall do =

:: Go knit, clean and then sleep . I hope.
:: And maybe watch and listen one more time.


Goddess in Progress said...

Oh, there's so many things I should be doing right now. Instead I'm watching crappy TV. Ah well.

Adorable drawings, and I love the knitting! I'm going to have to get some yarn to bring to Chicago for when I'm sitting around with my foot up...

Preeti said...

I got me a new lens for my Canon too and I love it - suddenly my pictures are in focus!!! Your brother is so talented