Monday, November 24, 2008

Things I am Loving

:: Method baby lotion from Target.
My Faves
I found this stuff quite a few months ago and decided to try it. It is reasonable priced for an 'green' product and I absolutely love the smell. It smells like marshmallows. There is nothing better than wanting to eat your delicious child even more because of their lotion. I also use it for hair control. Hear me out. I checked out the label on hair detangeler and it had many many ingredients that I did not truly recognize. But being the lotion aficionado I am, I noted the first few were similar to lotion. So now I put a dab in my palm, add some tap water and smooth it through their hair. It works wonders, is one less bottle, and they smell even more like marshmallows. Heaven.

:: Homemade Apple 'Chunky' Sauce.
My Faves
The boys love the Big and Chunky Applesauce from Trader Joe's and I have to admit it tastes delicious. I once again went into label reading mode, mainly because of the exorbitant cost of the single jar (3 bucks and change) and found it is made from apples and apple juice. My stove top experimenting led to a very similar tasting apple 'sauce' Here are a few tips if you want to try yourself :

+ I use a cheese slicer to peel the apples and a melon baller to core them. It goes super fast and leaves more apple to cook.

+ Throw all the sliced apples in a heavy bottomed pot, add a cup or so of good apple juice and bring to a boil, then lower to a simmer for a long time (think 40-50 minutes) until apples are really soft and juice is reduced.

+ Feed hungry children this snack in lieu of other maybe not so good for you sweets. They boys devour it and point to the stove top if I tell them we are out. I swear, Mason told me to "DO your job!" the other day. Cheeky little lad, eh?

:: My Fake Le Creuset from IKEA.
My Faves
This was a gift from Tim last Christmas (Yes, I bought it and then gave it to myself. That is how we roll). I recently realized the genius of this cooking tool. It makes everything taste better. I have tried stews and soups, pasta sauces and deep fried items. They are amazing. I think it has something to do with the weight of the thing. It weighs as much as one of my sons. I almost killed my foot the other day when I was retrieving it from the cabinet and backed up on a Lego and crumpled to the ground from the pain and dropped the lid two inches from my big toe. I swear I almost threw up imagining it making contact. Ugh. But, digression aside, food tastes great, flavors stay intact and unmuddied, it cleans up brilliantly and cost about 55 dollars. Go to IKEA now, sorry Le Creuset, I would get you if I could. Until then, IKEA it is.
(Right now I have a dinner experiment going consisting of pork tenderloin, onions, apples and carrots, a dash of soy sauce and vinegar and salt and pepper. Smells divine, but I will let you know how it tastes. I am think potato latkes to go along. I know, I know, not exactly kosher, but sounds delicious.)

Those are a few of my latest loves. Other than knitting and the boys, you know. They seem to all have some bargain component. Must be the 'impending' recession. How about you, loving anything that is easy and cheap lately? Let me know.

And Shalom? Needs the ending border and it is done. Woot for a sweater in 5 days. I will have it ready for the Thanksgiving celebrations. So excited.


t + j said...

we recently switched from twig organic shampoo (a gift that has lasted about 9 months - shows you how much we wash hair in this house), to jasons kids shampoo (super bargain compared to other organic stuff). smells like bazooka bubble gum. i so know what you mean when you want to devour your kids even more than normal! for the boy, we're addicted to burts bees soap and moisturizer. is there anything better than the smell of honey on your children's skin?!

LauraC said...

I am loving my new Jason shampoo as well. Like most curly girls, I fought dandruff my entire life. Then I switched to shampoo with no laurel sulfates and my lifelong dandruff went away in 3 days. They started carrying the Jason line at my grocery store and it's half the price of the stuff from Whole Foods.

I am also in love with the sweet potato-corn-adobo sauce-chicken-puff pastry pot pies I've been making with the sweet potatoes from our CSA.

And I am loving the new phrase my boys say when we dress them. "I so pretty!"

Anonymous said...

hmm...that Method lotion sounds yummy! My sister makes apples like that for the girls and they love it, too. I swear, one of these days we should get those kids together!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you before then! Enjoy the ham! :) xo-S.

Claroux said...

In a previous life (with a previous husband) I actually had money. I think one of the only good things that came out of my seven year marriage to HIM is my HUGE Le Creuset collection. Love it. Love it. LOVE. IT! Actually - another good thing that came out of the relationship is my 6 quart Kitchen Aid Professional stand mixture. Love that too! I don't know if there is one anywhere near you but you should check out the Le Creuset web site to see if there are any outlet locations within a reasonable distance. I went to one in Maine every year and bought a piece or two to add to my "collection" - much cheaper than getting it elsewhere! I'll have ot try the lotion. Finding "green" products is difficult because I live in an area with one tiny natural food store that's only open when I can't go and finally a Target. the closest Whole Foods is over an hour away.

Preeti said...

I've always made apple sauce for my kids but I usually cheat and throw the apples in the pressure cooker which gets the job done in 10 minutes tops!!! Slow cooking must make the sauce so much more delicious. I shall try it out.

Alisa said...

How dangerous! Those gorgeous munchkins smelling like marshmallow! I dare another trip to Target this week? The 8 y.o. Boy could use some help smelling good. I love the idea for hair.
I know what I'll be asking for for Christmas now, $55? I've been eyeing the real one for years but can't justify the cost.
What a fun week you've been having. Have a great Thanksgiving!