Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things I am already Forgetting

The way you both...

} Say weird stuff: like 'he fall down' or 'do it now' or 'b-b-ball'
} Pour stuff : a cup and a cup are the greatest of toys
} Build stuff : mainly lego walls
} Hoard and run as if we cannot catch you
} Play hide and seek with your blankies, the curtains, the kitchen island, each other
} Give a cheesy grin on request (Owen)
} Pretend: you demand to take care of Mama, lay her down and put her blanket on then snuggle her
} Glare indignantly when corrected : how could you both inherit your Daddy's silent and deadly look (shudder)?
} Show empathy : give each other hugs and kisses and bring something to each other when upset (thought we would never see it).

I feel like Alice in the Looking Glass and Time feels like it is flying away.
There is no way to slow you down except when we lay with you before bedtime with your milk. I watch you grow and want to freeze the moments, turn them into palpable memories that I can hold and hug later.

That is why I take your picture.

Mama loves you, my precious and heart breakingly beautiful boys. So very very much.
Apple "Picking"
Thank you for ever and ever, whoever you are that gave them to me. Thank you.


Dawn Johnson said...

You made me cry.

pinkurocks said...

Danggit you made me tear up too! Who knew parenthood would be SO SO emotional!

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Wonderful post, Mames. Have a great time in the Sierras with your two little turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving...we sure do have a lot to be thankful for.

Preeti said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! We do indeed have a lot to be thankful for. Huggles to the boys:):) Have a great time at the Sierras and keep sharing these captured moments with us!

jennifer said...

so wonderful! love every word :)

Kate said...

The pictures are so very precious. It is so good to document all of those adorable little things that they do, because we will always forget no matter how hard we try to remember.

Gabrielle said...

What a wonderful post - it reminded me how precious these moments are when right now I've just been wanting to fast forward to unbroken sleeps again. Isn't the development of their language just the most amazing, beautiful thing and a glimpse into their world. It must be even more fascinating to see your two boys learning to talk together and communicating with each other.

Claroux said...

pregnancy hormones + this post= MAJOR cry fest. This was SO beautiful. I SO need to be more dilligent about writing down all the little things they say and so before I too start to forget. Hugs!