Tuesday, November 25, 2008

24mm 1.4 = Love

This is going to be an unbelievably picture heavy post, just so you know. I am so totally freaking excited today because I picked up my first piece of rented equipment for our camera and in the first hour I have already gone a bit batty with it.
24mm: I love you

I think I mentioned earlier that our Canon lens went on the fritz again, it is currently in Irvine being serviced for the fourth time. I now feel almost naked when I do not have working camera equipment and have been borrowing everyone and anyone's digital SLR in the last few days. I like them, but none were my camera with my feel and my knowledge. Add to this the fact that we are going to the Sierras this week and I started to feel a little panicky.

I remembered a post over at Shutter Sisters regarding camera lens rental, it is something Tim and I have been wanting to do as we contemplate investing in another lens. So I called up our local Samys Camera to inquire, we hopped over to try a few out and settled on this one. I picked it up this morning and made it a weekly rental so as to have proper time with it. And I have yet to put it down.

I have fallen in love with it. It is like our 50mm's big brother (or sister). A bit heavier, much more pricey, but with a aperture capability of 1.4 and the ease of using my own body, well, it is making me feel like singing. I see now how comfortable I had become with our 50mm fixed, using what we could get in the shot but limited by certain aspects.
Toys still life
The wide angle lens is both challenging and fun, I plan on playing more and hoping my computer's almost full hard drive can take the new load.

Here is the P's sitting for me this morning, one month before their 39th wedding anniversary.
My dad looks so mischievous, my mom so happy to be in her garden.

And on a last note, we have Shalom (rav), finished, awaiting weaving of ends and light blocking and a button. And a model.
And we have the simplest of knits, the Fingerless Mitts from Weekend Knitting.(rav)
A Christmas request and so easy to make, it literally takes about one hour of knitting per mitt, if that. In Malabrigo, you better bet this is the best quick gift ever. I foresee many of these cranking out in the next few weeks.

Okay, going to get back to the other mitt and more photo processing. I mentioned to a blog friend that I might put up a post on how Tim and I shoot with our camera, is there anyone who would be interested in that? I am no expert, and all I know is via Tim and books, but I have some pretty specific ways that I shoot and would love to share them if anyone would care to read 'em. Let me know. And happy turkey day. You can say I am very thankful to know I will catch it all on film.


LauraC said...

LOVE IT! Please do post more on how you shoot. I am a very newbie photo person and have no training, no skills, no nothing.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please share! My photos are all of the "turn on all the lights as it is midnight and use flash and try to ignore glare" variety.

pinkurocks said...

Beautiful pics! Especially love the one of your parents!!

Claroux said...

YES! YES! YES! Pleeeeeease post more about how you shoot. I am a camera JUNKIE and your lens story made me DROOL. I never knew you could rent camera equipment. Can you rent flashes. I have been coveting a higher end Canon flash because I hate the way the built in flash makes the photos look washed out. I am also dying for a macro lens. I had a fantastic one but I spilled windsheild wiper fluid in my trunk and now it will only work on manual focus - which normally wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that I haven't been to eye doctor in YEARS and what looks focused to me is not even CLOSE to being in focus.

I would spend every penny I earn on photography stuff. I DEFINITELY WANT MORE.

PS - those photos of your folks are too sweet for words. That is how I want to look at my husband when I am that age. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Preeti said...

The pictures rock! I have the 50mm, but your lens churns out amazing pictures!! Yessssss please post camera shooting tips on your blog!!!

Lola and Ava said...

Man. Great. Now I need a new toy. Nikon is releasing a 50 mm 1.4 lens with AF. I really really want one. I need to look into this renting thing. That's a good option that I wasn't aware of.

Happy Thanksgiving!


annie said...

Love the pics. And yes, please, write about your photography!

Sereknitty said...

Beautiful photos! Your slalom is really coming along well.

Anonymous said...

Your parents are adorable! Just looking at these pictures gives me a sense of why you're such an amazing woman. :)