Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Finishing : No way!

Friday is here again? Wait, what? Friday is here again? You mean we have just a few days before Christmas is here? I am not sure I am getting this right, that December is almost over, that 2008 is almost over. What do you mean 2009 is coming round the corner? I just got used to writing 2008, when I actually have to write anywhere else but here on this blog.

Yes, Friday is here and with a list of things to do and places to go, people to meet and entertain, bathrooms to clean and breathes to be taken. I am actually not terribly burdened by it all, just astonished by the stunning alacrity of time lately. It seems it will not cooperate and allow the 45 hours I would like in each day, just to cram a bit more in.

So, to show. I have the ballet flats, all finished and prettied up and ready to go.
Felted ballet slippers
I am so excited about giving these. We arranged a hand made exchange between a group of women in my life, some close and some new. All terribly excited (and a bit nervous) about the gifting and giving. There is something so intimate about sharing something made by hand, bits of self and soul go into it and stay with the person who takes it home. We drew names but left it all open from there, any craft or creation welcome, any expression. These are mine. They are fairly simple, lots of garter and big needles, etc. They obviously do not fit my foot, but they looked a little forlorn sitting for the photo shoot so I slipped them on.
Ballet flats
The wool is lovely, not too scratchy, but warm and soft. I am loving the detail I added on a toe, just a little needle felted flower accent with a pearly button.
Felted ballet slippers
I am also really happy they came to fruition as it is a new pattern and I did not want a mess at the end seeing as it is going to one of my fave ladies. There will be more of these at some point. I posted the deets on Rav. I am getting so much better at doing that.

And in other news, since we are without an oven to do holiday baking in, which is usually furious and insane in this house, well, ornaments are the name of the game this year. And the table has been filled with bits and paper, felt and pins, shiny sequins and scalloped ribbon all week. I have to say, I cannot claim these finished creations. Get this, they come from my brothers, Alon and Jon. Both have really taken to the creating of keepsakes for the tree and I am in awe of their stamina and inspired by their results. The ornaments are Alon's doing, he wanted to emulate my Mama's original and came up with a few beauties. There is a foam ball, hollowed a bit and wrapped with ribbon and embellished here and there. The picture in the center is a close up of pine needles from a live Christmas tree from years past, once planted in the yard but now felled and gone. But remembered here.
Alon's ornament mosaic

And the cards are all Jon's. He is a master with paper and imagination. He created the little creatures in there, they were meant to become embroidery patterns but Time has not allowed that to happen. Maybe next year, I will start this embroidery stuff in August. That way it gets done and we can share it round the crafting world.
Jon's card creation mosaic

Now, onto the weekend. Whirlwind cleaning in order tonight, husband's work party tomorrow (where extremely fine food and drink always abound) then onto our home celebration. I am excited and a little daunted by it all. I still have a few items to try to finish so I am writing it here to give me my 'list':

::Maine Morning Mitts in Kureyon
::Garter Mitts in Malabrigo
::Robots to be stuffed and embellished
::Lumpia to be prepped and stored
::Maybe monkeys to be made, maybe not though.
::Photographs taken of all hand knits before wrapping, just so I know what I did.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with light and family, with your embrace of this holiday season and all things easy, good and full. Hugs, to all of you, my blog friends, wishing the best of the best as we plunge into the Season.


Threeundertwo said...

I love those slippers! The recipient will love them too, I promise.

The ornaments are amazing - putting on the ribbon must have taken some patience. They turned out great.

Hope you have fun at your party!

Em Natural said...

The slippers are so beautiful! Someone is luckY! I can't wait to see the decorations when we arrive, it only feels like christmas when i get to see the tree filled with our past christmas memories (be them chipped and broken)! You are so wonderful sister thank you for always making christmas so special!

Luckygirl said...

Just found your blog and WOW! You are so talented! LOVE looking at all your (and your sister's:) creations!

Preeti said...

Those felted shoes are so va-voom and turned out lovely!! And the decorations - wow!!!!