Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Captured

So, I seem to have given myself the needed boot in the buttocks by writing about the lack of photos. I picked up the camera this morning to capture a few scenes around the house, the Christmas that has come to rest in different nooks and places in our home. I wrote about the Tree and it's adornments. Here is a look at a few that make me smile. I love them all for different reasons, new or old.
My ornaments
The ginkgo leaf was found in Yosemite, while pregnant and still walking around two seasons ago. The glittered ball made by my Mama so many years ago, still hanging on year after year. The dismembered Santa is always featured, not sure why, but we love him. And a ball from Joann's found at discount and bought to use as a template for future handmade globes. Um, and this little silly one is my attempt to remember the boys' Christmas pants. I think he needs some eyes or something.
Handmade Ornament

Our little freshie tree is wearing a few ornaments, but the boys keep stealing them to cuddle the angels (read: mangle) and play with the googley eyed reindeer, so I did not get too close.
Christmas Home
And this garland is just waiting for its sprig of mistletoe so I can steal kisses from Tim and any stray baby that runs beneath.
Christmas Home
We are hosting our Christmas Party on Sunday, including a highly anticipated gift exchange between a few of my lovely ladies. The aim was to hand craft something special to give, there are so many possibilities and I cannot wait to see what results. I promise to take photos. My ballet flats came out fantastic, but I will show those as soon as I get through the finishing. Let me tell you, felting in a front loader takes a few cycles, not a few minutes. And I let it go through the spin cycle and they were dry. I know, unconventional felting methods, but very effective.

And here is something that I have been carrying around and showing to every person passing me. It is the card from my little sister. And it is brilliant.
My sister's creation
So, I called her to squeal about the absolute gorgeousness of it. And we talked. And she slipped into our conversation that she has a blog. A blog, people. That I knew nothing about until today. She said something about being embarassed, but I think she just did not want to show me up in her crafting excellence (she made the cards from a handmade stamp, self printed background and elephant poop have to read this post). So I am outing her. Because Emmalien, my absolutely brilliant sister, has a place where she is featuring her absolute loveliness. If you thought I could craft, well, please check her out. Maybe her Thanksgiving table. Or her spectacular jewelry, or her ability to craft a wedding cake. I predict she will have twice the traffic of my blog in a month. She is so awesome and will be home soon. Cannot wait, baby girl. Love you so much.

Now, where is my mobius scarf, huh?


Preeti said...

I love the one legged Santa:) I checked out your sister's blog - your whole family seems to be so talented!! That's amazing!

Em Natural said...

you outed me! i love you so much! i can only touch the surface of what you do. Seriously, Michael and i marvel at the fact you are able to craft so many beautiful items with two wonderful and wild twin boys. If only i can get that stamina i might get more done. love you and can't wait to see you..and your mobius scarf is a coming...

gleek said...

aw! so pretty!