Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow day and other Stuff.

I think I may not be alone in the slowing of posting here, it seems like a lot of Blogland is in suspension as we move closer to the holiday and all of it's wonderments and involvements. I have found a dearth of reading out there and a lack of time to put down on 'paper' all the great things we are doing and trying and seeing and being. Now that we are over our sick days, Time is flying by and if I felt like Alice a few weeks ago, now I feel like that silly Rabbit, running about and feeling just a bit Late.

There are a lot of great craft experiments happening, we have a little fresh tree for the first time as an accompaniment to our big ol' Fakey and it is getting to host handmade ornaments, new and very very old. There is a running joke about all the dismembered Santa ornaments and the limpy angels and elves missing body parts in the ornament box. We cannot seem to get rid of them, they make us laugh every year. And now the boys are helping out in adding to the collection in all their endeavors to pull down the tree. Our big tree has seen quite the abuse since decorated, it stands bare from waist down (naughty tree) as the boys like to denude him of his finery. And they are getting very tricksy and learning to drag table, chairs and toy storage boxes next to said Tree to reach the ever ascending ornaments. I think we will make it to next week, but just barely.

This year I picked up a few inexpensive Advent calenders from Trader's and introduced them to the boys. It only took about three days for Owen to get that there is choc choc behind those little paper doors and we now have a young boy that demands we 'do' the calender....more than once a day. It works out okay because his brother samples the choc, then always spits it to the floor, upon which Owen swoops down and rescues the offensive choc, with his own mouth. Mmmmm.

What else? So much. Last night I huddled in my lovely friend's new home, using her for wine and working oven, in order to churn out 8 dozen or so of the Killer Cookie that will break anyone of watching their WW points. Easiest recipe to share, use the Tollhouse recipe but eliminate the nuts and instead of chips, chop up 2 boxes of Andes mints (Target has them for 1.49, it is like prices from 1999) and mix those in (do not miss scooping up the Andes powder that results from the chopping). Take that, Laura. You better make these cookies. It is only fair for the whole buckeye post.

And in totally unexpected new...(I started this post this morning at 715 or so) I just returned from a day spent on our local mountains, mountains that received a huge dump last night, coming in at about 2 feet plus of fresh pow. My brother mentioned that he was playing hooky and maybe I should join. I floated the idea but thought I was too wiped out and busy to actually go. Then this morning I saw the powdered up mountains behind our house, grabbed my gear and hopped in his truck. Played my own hooky. My Mama and Dad took over the kids for me and we were up in Winter Wonder in a few hours. Worst drive, most excellent ride ever. It is my first ride in three years and I wondered if it would be like a bike. And, oh, it was. Sweet and soaring and surfing and sliding my way down, tumbling a little and trying my hand in some deep pow we hiked to (thanks, little brother for carrying my board). I felt renewed and free and cold and tired and so happy, despite the snot running down my unfeeling face and the wrong goggle lens for the situation.
Here is the two of us heading up the mountain.

There were moments when my mind was completely free of thought, obligation and even children. The focus that comes with fast movement is awesome. Whew. I know I will be toilet hovering from the sore legs, but I could care less.

You might have noticed I have not done the normal, picture interspersed post....no camera action lately. I could kick myself for missing the sun refracting through the sugared trees today, I totally forgot the camera in my frenzy to leave. But we have two more storms a'coming, so I may still get the chance, this time with the boys in the snow.

I will leave you with this gorgeous shot from my gorgeous man. He took this on our trip. The boy knows what to do with a camera, I'd say.
Now, back to the last minute crafting. I really needed today.


Sarah-potterknitter said...

I so hope to pull out my board this winter. Not that our eastern southern snows compare. But it's been three or four years for me too. I've got to get new boots though, my feet grew two sizes when I got pregnant!

Preeti said...

What a fantastic way to begin the day!!! It's been ages since I touched and tasted (yeah, tasted!!) snow - can't wait for those Canadian winters:):)

LauraC said...

It is a good thing I don't like peppermint! Unfortunately I went to a cookie exchange on Monday night and ended up with way too many great cookie recipes. WW be damned, I am enjoying this season so much!!

Shan said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry! The deleted comment was me! :p Here's what I said, before I spazzed out:

I'm so glad you were able to get up to the snow! I was just thinking, as I looked at the snowcapped mountains nearby, that it would probably be a long time until I'd be going snowboarding again. But, maybe not! ;)