Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back for Friday :: KNitties!

Well, I took a little break from the Friday Finishing as I was enjoying the holidays and thinking less on deadlines and more on resting those sore knitting hands. I loved giving all hand made gifts, but it did just about do in my poor wrists and I felt a bit burnt by Christmas Eve. Next year, me thinks I will sew a bit more and knit a bit less.

Once I recovered, my love of the knitting craft returned and I found inspiration in a few new places. I looked through the stash and found some lovely sock yarn dating back to my last trip to Oregon. It is Lorna's Laces, my first time working with it. And my first toe up sock (Rav), loosely based on this pattern .
It was easy and fun and quick due to my vow to only knit sockettes. I love the freedom to explore a new technique in the short row heel, though I would like to play around with it a bit.
Short rowed
The socks fit nicely and warm the toes, which is about all we need right now as our temps steadily climb into the 70s. I look forward to using my newest sock yarn in a toe up pattern, maybe with a bit more flair, I am thinking some smallish cables on the foot with ribbing. Hmmm, I think I like this sock thing. Finally.
Kicking It

And the other little bit to leave the needles was this simple but adorable hat for a bebe to be, Aviatrix (Rav) . Modeled by my trusty friend Clyde.
I love the construction, simple wedges created by using short rows. The pattern did not call for knitting the wraps, but I did. Not sure if that matters. I think it will look a lot cuter on a bebe, Clyde's head is a bit flat.
But he is my go-to now as my boys have gone and grown up and I cannot make them model any new knitties coming off the needles. They did not feel warmly towards Clyde during his photo shoot and kept ripping the hat off his head.
Now I just have to decide which bebe to give this first one to, believe me, this is one of many to come. I really like this pattern. And it looks super cute on, I have seen it on a real baby and that is what drew me to try it.

Next week I plan on featuring my sister's amazing Christmas gifts. She sewed up a storm and gave us some treasures that I will use and cherish for a long time to come. And I might get to the mosaic of all my knitted gifts. I think I photographed them all, now just to locate them in Flickr. Until then, happy crafting. I feel like I am back in the proverbial saddle. No plans to dismount anytime soon.

And speaking of bebes. The boys had their 20-ish month check up and Mace is in the 3rd percentile for weight/10th for height. I was a bit surprised, as it seems like he was a little higher up there before. O's head still measures in at amazing and I think he is more towards the 25th or something. Carrie: I think they were 20# (M) and 23# and change (O). Why do they feel like they weigh 70 LBs when I pick them up? They did great on their shots and actually made our fairly stoic, fairly old Dr L. laugh. Highlight of my day. And they watched as the RN that gave the shots dropped the used needle into the sharps container, with intense laser focus..tracking the offensive object. Yes, my boys crack me up.
Play Day


Threeundertwo said...

Love those socks! I might have to try those. And Clyde cracks me up. What a great, patient model. He sits still so nicely while you photograph him!

Elizabeth said...

Love those sockettes! You got a lot done this week.

gleek said...

you have been cranking out the FOs! how do you do it with twins?!

Preeti said...

I've been contemplating knitting this hat for a friend's bebe too. Super cute and what a great pattern! Those sockettes - lovely!!!