Monday, January 05, 2009

Back in the Kitchen

Since we rang in the New Year, I have found myself in the kitchen more time than the craft corner. I don't know, my urge to cook has been undeniable and I have been googling recipes that I have always wanted to try and then just going with it. I thought I might share the winners and let you try out any that seem to be intriguing. I can assure you that all have been delicious, but not all are health conscious.

So New Year's Eve, Tim decided to make me a special anniversary dinner. It was a recipe he saw Giada prepare with her crotchety auntie. Perverse she may be, but that old lady can cook. It is a fairly simple shrimp dish, served over rice.
New Year's Eve 08
This is my version via Tim's scratchy notes in my new notebook:

Spicy Creamy Shrimp with Rice:

You need: 2 c. rice, chicken stock,heavy cream, butter, garlic, fresh large shrimp uncooked, hot sauce (your favorite), a lemon, and salt and pepper.

Prepare rice: Saute 1 smashed clove garlic in 1/2 stick of butter until garlic is soft, remove garlic, add rice and saute lightly, add four cups stock, bring to boil and lower flame and cover and cook for about 20 minutes.

Shrimp: Saute smashed clove garlic in another 1/2 stick of butter, remove clove and add shrimp and saute until almost pink, add juice from 1 lemon, 1 Tablespoon hot sauce and, um, heavy cream. Like a cup. Because the cream is the sauce and you need sauce. Lower heat and simmer gently to thicken cream but do not overcook shrimp because that would make you sad.

Spoon rice into bowl, then shrimp on rice, then sauce. Lots of sauce.

Eat and do not feel too bad because it is sooooo good. This is sexy food, people (borrowed that phrase from my friend Kate). Think quiet easy Valentine's dinner at home. With wine. And fire, fire makes it better.
New Year's Eve 08
I swear. Good stuff.

The other recipes are all links. I have had the urge to try a few classics that I have never eaten because I grew up in a household that eats mostly Indo food or some good Italian pasta and sauce dinners. These are a few of the links I liked.

:: French Onion Soup : Smitten Kitchen has a lovely deep rich soup and it hit the spot on a cold night. FYI, I was reheating the leftovers the next day and, oops, forgot about them.
French Onion Soup
When we remembered it had cooked down quite a bit and was even darker and richer. We did have to add water as it was really cooked down. But totally edible and almost better than the first time.

:: Chicken and Dumplings : I read a few versions but went with Paula Deen's cause she is Southern. Is that weird? It was good, the 'biscuits' were dense and chewy and seemed just right. Comfort food all the way.

:: Chile Rellenos : I have used this recipe once before. The egg batter really makes it.
Our dinner
Seems a little laborious but it is really quite easy. We serve them with homemade smashed beans (just saute onion, carrot and chiles and add a can of pintos, simmer then smash) and Mexican rice (no recipe here, the husband uses his Mama's and it is always much better than my attempts).

The last week has been awesome in the kitchen. Now that I am less focused on crafting, new avenues are opening up. I have 'clarified' that I want to cook more often and in a healthy fashion (with a few exceptions, like, every recipe listed above). So the last 2 days have been "Kitchen Sink Soup' days. Just veg and a little protein and stock and small pastini or rice. Mmmmm, this will work for me. Here is to hoping I can keep it up.


Goddess in Progress said...

Oh man, that looks good. Now I'm starving! :-)

Bea said...

Yummy yummy, have I told you lately that you're awesome? Are you ready for O and M to turn two?!!

LauraC said...

I believe there has to be a problem with one of your links. I think I just read a Paula Deen recipe with no butter in it. That has to be wrong! ha ha!

I made a sweet potato pot pie for dinner last night and threw in some extra chicken I had leftover:

Her recipe calls for mini pot pies but I generally make it in one big pot. And then I have leftover puff pastry so I fill the puff pastry pieces with mini peanut butter cups and bake.

Then I wonder how I gained weight back???

Sereknitty said...

Wow, you've been busy! Your year in review was a delight to read -- and your pictures were gorgeous!

Your trip to Portland sounds so fun -- I'd love to visit that yarn shop one day.

I've bookmarked that French Onion Soup recipe, because that's all I've been craving lately! I found a really good frozen option (at Costco) and it's delicious -- comes 6 to a pack and sadly, mine are all gone! Oh well, I've got homemade turkey rice, chicken rice, and yam/peanut butter soup in the freezer, which should hold me for, oh say, a week! I love soup.

Lady P said...

MMMmmm, everything looks yummy! You and your camera take great photos.

Thanks for reading my blog. I don't know why, but it always gives me a little thrill when people whose blogs I read, read my blog ;)

I am a twin - I found your site through Childsplayx2(I think) a while back. Your boys are adorable. My first will be here in March. My mom keeps telling me, "It's just one baby - that's easy!"

cinnamongirl said...

mmm...I think Zach and I need to come over for dinner. You should have your own show. Really, you should. Super Mom, Creative Crafter, and yet still clever cook. Oh, and don't forget wonderful wife! Hmm...I think you should pitch it. Anyway, Katie and I were talking about getting together tomorrow night. Money is pretty tight over here but I can cook you guys dinner and we can have a few (or more) glasses of wine. Let me know. I think I'm having withdrawls, I haven't seen you guys in so long!! Give those babes a big kiss for me! Love you mama!!

Anonymous said...

Yuuuuuummmm!! I'm so gonna have to try that shrimp recipe! Excellent foodie post, A!

Can't wait to see you! xo-S.