Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finished for {Friday} : 2008 Version

I am not sure if this counts as Finished For Friday, but I going with it anyway. Let's call it Finished for 2008, shall we? I really wanted to share some of the wonderful things my baby sister Emmalien made for the Christmas season. It was awesome to open them and find all of the craft and love and true precision she put into each gift. The girl can sew, let me tell you.
Em's Christmas Amazing-ness
So, the boys each received a book and a stuffy. The books blew my mind. Just take a look...
Every page handmade; embroidered and sewn. The details are awesome and there was a moment when I considered putting them away so the prying hands of Team Demo could not mar their beauty. I thought better of it, as isn't that what she made them for, curious little fingers that can touch and turn and read each bit.
Em's Christmas Amazing-ness
The other day I found Owen with the Veggie book open to the grape page as he ate his morning snack of grapes. And I melted. So, they love them, are the very best of sisters, of aunties and of crafters I know. And rest assured, if those boys start to rough them up they are going on Mama's nightstand for some light evening reading.

And I was showered too. I now have a roomy new purse that is sturdy and beautiful. It is my new go-to bag and holds all that I need and more.
Em's Christmas Amazing-ness
I love the buttons and the construction. Emmy, your seams make me swoon.
Em's Christmas Amazing-ness
And I can finally claim to own a real wallet, with places to put pictures and cards and money.
pretty walletI would say my sister rocks, wouldn't you? I have linked it before, but give her a visit and a shout out in the comments if you can. She blogs at EmNatural.

I had intended to post about my almost successful hand made Christmas gifts but the time whirled away during the holidays so I will just plug it in here, following along with all the crafty goodness. Most were knits, the few sewing projects I sent without getting photos. The 'almost successful' label is only there as a few projects did not pan out great, and one was made after the actual day due to a custom request..but here they are.
My Christmas Making 2008
The fruits of labor that started waaay back in August. I loved doing it all and gifting the efforts upon my loved ones. But next year I think sewing shall take the front seat along with some canning and planting.

All in all, it was a good Finish for the Year. Now I can focus on what is hand. Which includes an exciting night of knitting and friends and cake with my fiber girls.

Oh, and you should make these.
Homemade English Muffins
Homemade English muffins. Not too be vulgar, but I am pretty sure Tim might take me in the kitchen if he comes home to a warm basket of this love again. TMI? Sorry.
(Yeah, so I once read trashy romance novels. What of it?)


Anonymous said...

So, crafty talent runs in the family, I see! OMG, those books are AMAZING!! And- I may need to try that english muffin recipe- yum! I wonder how hard it would be to tweak the recipe to make a wheat version. Hmm...

See you tonight! Yay! :)

Bea said...

The books are SO wonderful! I can't believe all the gifts you made for Christmas, you are my hero!

Goddess in Progress said...

I'm blown away. The crafty force is strong in your family!

Ooh, and homemade english muffins... mmm....

Luckygirl said...

WOW! I love the gifts you made; so thoughtful and they turned out beautiful. Your sister's books are incredible!

PS erm, I used to read romance novels too. I got hooked on them, because I could buy them for a quarter at Goodwill and take them camping and not have to worry if they got dirty.

Threeundertwo said...

Should we have romance readers confession day? My sister sent me a boxful once and I got hooked. Totally escapist.

Love all your knitted gifts and your sister's fabulous books, purse, and wallet. Thanks for the link to her blog.

Em Natural said...

lady! you are amazing! the gifts blew everyone away and i am still showing off your skills to the local passerby up here! Haven't made it to the local knitty crafty shop but can't wait to bring in your gifts and have them fawn over them :) So when i saw Kayda in the dress you knit i about fell over! it is perfect for her and oh so cute. love you lots! and i can't wait to try those muffins :)muah!

Kate said...

What a gifted family.

Oh, and I have been doing my physical therapy. Got the okay to dump the brace yesterday.....hooray!

Preeti said...

Those books, oh-WOW!!!! The handmade Christmas gifts, oh-WOW again!!! You're crafting skills are amazing and so are Em's!!!

Katie said...

wow! Your sister's books are amazing! And so is your collection of Christmas knits ~ I really like seeing all of the crafty gifts together at once. As for me, there are still a few IOUs that I have to finish and send off to people!

gleek said...

those soft books are so cute!!!!