Friday, January 02, 2009

There and Back

Wow. The whole holiday time has whirled by and I find myself contemplating a week of posts just to fit in all the wonderful things we were able to see and do during our first big trip to Oregon with our boys. It is actually their second trip as they were, ahem, made there, but this time they were totally present and conscious and loving it seemingly as much as we do.
Oregon Trip 2009

This was our first trip back in three years and I found myself as in love with Portland as when we left. I loved living there and occasionally question our decision to move back to California. Especially as we missed the big storm and there was a only melting snow to show for the wild week all Oregonians lived through. Our family was amazingly accommodating, my in laws were able to locate two pak n plays and gave us free reign of their beautiful home without wincing as the boys tore through it. They even provided a set of stairs that occupied much of our time in the house.
Oregon Trip 2009
I can officially declare the kids stair climbing experts now. I was surprised by how safe the boys were on the stairs, what a difference from a year ago when we blocked any level change. We did not even baby proof while there because, well, they apparently are not babies anymore.

So our time held many hours of indoor play due to brisk weather, play with cousins that became fast friends in moments, play with young boys that I recall being my children's age and are now self-possessed tweens.
Oregon Trip 2009
Play with their wonderful Gramma Mona and Grandpa Nick, play with Aunt Libby.
Oregon Trip 2009
Lots of play, very little of it with me, actually. I felt like I was on a Mama hiatus, there were times when I realized I had been sitting and talking with the other adults without interruption. This is a new feeling for me. We floated the idea of hiring our nephews as in house entertainers over the summer. Not sure if they will do it, but the time the four had together is such a great new memory.
Oregon Trip 2009

The vacation also held meeting another twin Mama, Carrie, who was in town all the way from ALaska. That was a great experience. We all met up at the Children's Museum and had a chance to chat while we chased.
Meeting the Alaskans
Can I say, their boys take first place in the "23 month old identical boys" category. I could have eaten them up. And we had a golden photo opportunity when we glanced around and all four were standing together, lined up and still for a nanosecond. Look Carrie and Brook! We got it!
Oregon Trip 2009
Notice the lack of any photos of the adults meeting, true sign that we had four of them in public. Thehe only thing about meeting in real life is you wish distances were smaller. And Carrie, your family is awesome, I just wanted to hug ya'll the whole time (wish I wasn't so sweaty from the laps we were running after the little people). When Disneyland time comes around, you know where to find us. Tim has a downhill bike waiting for Brook, and we might get back in the saddle too. Never know.

There were more happenings, a few stolen trips with my mother in law to my old neighborhood above the Pearl (I called it the Freeway district),
The Pearl
a trip into the Hawthorne district to see where my nephew takes guitar lessons, a fabric store visit, Multnomah Falls. I will get a few more words and pictures up soon.

And now we are home, recovering from a high fever on Owen's part and contemplating mounds of laundry and Decoration requiring storage and a garage requiring organizing. But first I am trying out my first toe up sock in some lovely Lorna's Laces that I purchased last time we were in Oregon. Now that Christmas Knitting is done, I am luxuriating in slow paced knitting that is for me, myself and I.
Oregon Trip 2009
I am so glad we had the chance to take our boys to bond with more family, see more places and have more experiences. But I am just as glad to be home. No place like it. I will leave you with the shots following the 'golden' four picture. Man, these kids move fast now.
And, we're out


LauraC said...

Oh my, I am SO jealous you got to meet Carrie and family! What a power meetup that had to be. (Written as I just confirmed plans yesterday to stay with a blogfriend for the Obama inauguration.)

Happy new year!

Goddess in Progress said...

Sounds like a great trip, and what fun that you and Carrie got to meet up!

Threeundertwo said...

What great pictures! How fun to have a meet-up like that.

I grew up in Portland and your pictures make me nostalgic. I haven't been back for a long time (no family there now).

Sounds like a great trip.

gleek said...

what a fabulous trip! looks like your boys had a lot of fun :) you too!

t + j said...

how utterly fantastic! love, love, love it!

Preeti said...

That plaid foursome picture is amazing!!! What a fantastic trip!! Happy New Year