Saturday, January 03, 2009

Year in Pictures :: 2008

Found a great idea floating around the blog-o-sphere and thought I would join in. I am loving the first and last picture of the year. What a great way to celebrate 2008. Though you will notice I could not choose only one.

hold your family close
We experience the cabin with babies

WIP Dragon Hoodie
dragon hoodie
We watch you learn to walk

look, more sand!
park play
We travel to Humboldt

We watch you turn ONE(s)

mason loves it
holding daddy
We play
the boys
so small
We take you to the Sequoias

say cheese
We meet Kayda

Family together
Loving his Chuck Taylors
We go to the beach

almost got them all
We see family again (but never enough)

But, it's a car
Autumn Hikes
We hike

Apple "Picking"
We pick apples

dressed for the season
the boys
We celebrate...back at the cabin.

When 2008 started I felt like an exhausted shell, fragile and uncertain and not in my own skin. It has ended with me feeling pretty empowered, connected and focused. I feel a certain excitement for the year ahead. I wonder about the direction we will go, where we will end up this time next year. I cannot imagine it quite yet, but the few things I am thinking about are not resolutions, rather clarifications. I want this year to be one of clarification, of finding a clear way, and of clearing my physical body. And we shall leave it at that.

Happy New Year! Onward, HO!


Goddess in Progress said...

Gorgeous! Isn't it fun, and incredible to see the difference?

sweetpea16 said...

Oh my... you started the year with 2 babies and ended it with 2 little boys!!! Amazing the difference a year makes at that age! Oh and I love love love that picture just above the words 'We hike'.

Cheers Eva

Preeti said...

The transformation from babies to boys in these pictures is amazing! Have a spectacular year!!

Alisa said...

Great pictures! This year ahead is just about my favorite kid year, their personalities, abilities, and OPINIONS, are just going to explode! Have so much fun with it, it only gets easier (different) and more fun from here on out. The Girl asked the other day if we could just go do something as a family. How happy hubby and I were that our 11 y.o. daughter was asking to hang out with us! You're doing a great job.

LauraC said...

Love it!

I felt a huge shift in myself once we were knee deep into toddlerhood. More sure of myself as a mother. More sure of what I had learned about my boys. Ready to take back some of ME.

Claroux said...

Ditto to what Laura said. The transformation you will see in your boys and yourself throughout the next year will be WONDERFUL. I too went from feeling like I would never be comfortable with this twin mommy thing to feeling like I was put on earth to do this job. Great photos! If I can ever get off my a$$ long enough to post again I plan on doing the same thing! LOVE the hiking photo! Here's to a fantastic year ahead *hugs*

Gabrielle said...

Oh my! I just love these beautiful photos, you are such an inspired photographer! What a wonderful journey seeing your little ones grow up. Happy 2009!

ana martinez said...

thank you. i loved reading this and seeing the growth in those lovely little guys.

gleek said...

happy new year! oh how i remember all these months of yours :) your boys are growing up so fast!

Nonnahs said...

What an awesome year you've had, missy! I can't believe how much the boys have grown (they'll do that, I suppose, huh?). I look forward to this year, more get-togethers, and hanging with the kids. Happy New Year! Love ya!

Austy's Mum said...

Beautiful photos of the year, what a great idea. They have grown into such handsome little men! Happy new year!