Friday, February 20, 2009

Throw Caution to The Wind

Ah, it is Friday. How did it come to Friday so quickly? I am so glad it is Friday. Not sure why, nothing special planned, no places to be or things to do or commitments to follow. Maybe that is why I feel so happy.

The week brought lots of rain and about Tuesday I was losing it, stuck with fevering, restless and bored toddlers that just wanted to throw things. So I made them something to throw.
Rainy Day Fun

I have been meaning to make bean bags for some time, Mace just loves chucking stuff into buckets. My Mama suggested she distract them with beans in cupcake tins while I sewed. It worked...until the first bean bag was finished. Then I started to feel like I was sewing in a sweat shop, the cries of "More, more, more" escalating in the background. I managed to get four done before the pressure was too much. I cut enough to make 8 in total. I need to get back to that. Four is not cutting it, I have to get up too many times in a minute to retrieve them from the bottom of my empty clothes know, the one that was holding the dirties until they discovered it in my closet.

The week was not very fun, but I consoled myself by looking at this.
Ridiculous Restash
This ridiculous amount of yarn was my haul from last Sunday's destash, or in my case, restash. I brought no yarn, but apparently that did not dissuade me from taking all of that. I feel very gluttonous but was assured that it had to go somewhere and no one else was taking, so it fell to me to be responsible and make sure it did not end up back on the shelves of the destasher. Julia mentioned she donated about 120 skeins of yarn to the almighty pile, I think I took 50 of them. Jeez. I just have to point out one of my favorites.
Restash :: Free

Kat gave me this, it is the same yarn she used for this poncho. Which reminds me, if you are looking for one of the best baby knit books, check out her fun and unique book, Boho Baby Knits. It is as cool as Kat...full of projects that shine. Faerie wings, poet coats, socks and mobiles and ponchos, of course. Me thinks a poncho is in order for a child. I certainly have enough yarn.

Today was awesome, baking and park play and exploring my brother's house. The boys became fascinated with some hardware they found at the house.
Fun PlAY
I fell in love with the way their little hands repeatedly put the screws in and out of the holes, carefully balancing the plate, carefully placing the screws. I watched a great video on another blog this week, talking about Danger and Kids. Give it a view if you have a minute. It brings up some great issues in regards to our children and what we let them experience in life. Now, I am not running them towards the table saw, not yet. But a hardware box definitely seems to be in order. Maybe that is the project for next week.

Now I think I shall go and enjoy the no longer sick, ready to go, back in action boys. With hair that makes me swoon.


:: The auction is up and you can get there by clicking the link top left corner. Lots of stuff there and more to come.

:: I am participating in a Day in the Life on Flickr. Come play. You have to take pictures of your day, today, Friday and try to get them over there. Fun.

:: Beth, I cannot contact you via your blogger profile. I have some good book recs, email me when you get a chance if you would like to chat.

Happy Weekending to you all!


Emily and Drew said...

I just checked out your Etsy shop and it is empty. I love all your creations and was hoping to give some a new home with us.

Luckygirl said...

WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the bean bags! Your stuff really is amazing! I already bid on the little girl outfit for the auction and now I'm going to tell my husband tonight that we have to have a third child so she can wear the outfit. HA! :)

And YAY that your boys are better!

The Adventures of Carrie, Brook, Finn and Reid said...

Without being able to see the actual photo of the beanbags (I'm at work), I can safely say, damn, that's an awesome idea! I am sure they are cute as can be and perfect for tossing. I can remember playing with bean bags quite often growing up and it never once occured to me to make them for my kids! Love it!

So glad to hear the Mason and Owen are doing better. How is mama?

Kate said...

LOVE the bean-bags! I might just have to attempt them myself.

Glad the boys are better!

kat coyle said...

oh yeah, love the bean bags. for christmas i gave all the boys in my life crocheted hackysacs (sp). they were a hit with the boys of all ages.
Felix is at the age where he could learn how to sew his own bean bag. Hey, what a good idea. Thanks :)

I'm still talking about Julia's yarn party. It was the best knitter party ever!
By the way, Felix really does wear his poncho. He loves it. And, do you have a copy of the book? I have one for you if you want one. Have a great weekend!