Friday, March 06, 2009

Capping off the Week

I know most of my readers are crafters so I do not have to always be so rapturous about the role of craft in my life. It is just, I cannot help it. It is like this amazing life line that I have found to connect me to Myself and that something deep in me that calls me to create.

Lately, sewing has been my love. I have been reading about sewing, devouring blog posts about sewing and, well, actually sewing. A few weeks ago we decided to tone down the birthday party ideas and make it a birthday weekend celebration. We plan on visiting the Aquarium again, then bringing the boys to the Griffin Park train park (The Jerk, anyone? Who remembers that scene? Tim wants me to make them shirts like the little boy in the picture). The boys are such boys, in love with all moving things and things with wheels and the choo-choo. It should be awesome.

I am totally making them outfits for the weekend, I know, cheesy but satisfying. The one thing I wanted for the train day was conductor caps because I love the way they look in hats. I googled around a bit and could find nothing that I liked and wanted to spend money on. Then I stumbled across a great hat tutorial, the Eddie Cap. It is perfect.
Eddie Cap

In my true fashion, I read her tutorial about 10 times before even sitting to cut, then I thought about it during quiet time, then I finally sat to do it. And it worked, mostly. My first attempt ended up a little to tight, but I know just the little boy to give it to. The second came out almost just right.
Eddie Cap
I am having a bit of an issue making the brim stand out from the cap. But it fit O's noggin and now that I am comfortable with the pattern, I think I can make Mason's so that he will wear it and, dare I say, enjoy it.

I started sewing just about a year ago and it makes me happy to realize that something I once thought out of my reach is now starting to feel comfortable. Not as comfortable as two sticks and some yarn, but getting there.
Eddie Cap

Other plans for sewing include an Easter dress for me, a new quilt for our bed and eventually 'big boy' quilts for the boys. And probably ten million more once my absurd Amazon order of sewing books are delivered (hey, it is march, slow months is over).

Knitting is still in motion albeit slower than usual. I am loving this little pattern from f.pea and inch along when I can.
Scrappy bamboo
The yarn is a bamboo cotton 'splitty but pretty' mess, and I am using size 0 because that is what I had on hand. Serves for slow knitting, but I think it will be just fine.

And though sweater weather is almost gone, I might have to modify this sweater because I am in love with it. It happens to be from the designer of Shalom, my all time favorite knit ever that I may have to keep reincarnating year after year. I always think it is interesting how we crafters resonate to a certain aesthetic and how we seem to run in pack with it.

Oh, how I wish I had 9 more hours a day to do these things. But I will be thankful for what I have and what it gives me in return. Happy friday (already!), squeeze in those few moments to create what you can, you know we deserve it!

Eddie Cap
Just one more because, god, that kid is cute.


Luckygirl said...

OH, those conductor caps are the cutest thing ever! I love love love love them!

Em Natural said...

I love those hats amiee!! soooo cute and sewed like a pro! I can't wait to see the finished product for the sweater, such a lovely color combo...miss you much!

Preeti said...

What a fantastic cap and what a fantastic idea!!

Lee of MWOB said...

Oh totally utterly blow me away with your creativity as a mama. I am in awe and wish I could absorb just an inch of that crafty kind of soul....those pictures are just adorable. Griffith Park Train Ride with those hats?? WOW!!

We were there two weeks and now I know my little guy will need one the next time we go....maybe you should think about selling these lil' caps?? :-)

Sereknitty said...

Too cute! I've bookmarked the tutorial to make one for our grandbaby who is currently into all things 'train'. Thanks for sharing!

Shan said...

These caps are freaking adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hey, great job on the cap. I know that the bill is the trickiest part to get right, but it looks great!