Sunday, March 08, 2009

Scenes from Sunday

Sunday is, by far, the best day of the week for us. We try not to schedule any events or obligations, using it instead for a day of rest. Not that there is much rest with toddlers, but as a day free of responsibilities. Today proved to be one of those Sundays, just right. Easy and flowing, fun and spontaneous.

We skipped pancakes and opted for potatoes, eggs and collard greens (trying to green the diet everywhere). Then we parted ways, a true rarity in our home. We tend to travel in a pack when we go out, keep the family together. Today was an awesome reminder that it does not have to be that way every time. Tim and O hit up the Depot for manly hardware parts and Mace and I spent an hour wandering through our Market, greeting friends and, gasp, actually spending time talking to them.

Things are so different with only one child at a time. Easier to track, to fawn over, a refreshing change after some struggles to manage them both when out of the house. My good friend commented she had never seen Mace spend so much time next to me, and she was right, he just hung out while we chatted.
Scenes From Sunday

And the Market is bursting with our early spring growing, everything looked wonderful and light and full of color. I picked up a dozen Araucana blue eggs to eat, but mainly to blow the yolks out of and use for Easter decor.
Scenes From Sunday

So pretty, they are almost green blue and they made Mace laugh when I told him we could have green eggs and ham. "'Am" he says.

Then to nap,
Scenes From Sunday

ignoring the strewn objects in favor of my new little pretty. This is the Hurricane hat, found due to my lovely blog friend Preeti and using some delicious Noro Iroha.
Scenes From Sunday

And a little planning for a little girl that will soon be one, right on Easter day itself.
Scenes From Sunday

Thinking of cuddly pants and a cute t-shirt and loving that I have a little girl in my life to shower with bright flowers and a twirly skirt or two.


After nap, some garden time, picking bok choy and playing with our food.
Garden greens

And then, late afternoon, a quiet reprieve, some time for myself to sit and thumb through some pages to find inspiration, add a few stitches and write the all important lists (Thanks, Tim).
Scenes from Sunday

Hope your Sunday had all the things you need to shore up for another week. I am already looking forward to the next.
Scenes from Sunday


Maggie May said...

fresh pictures, and lovely baby paci pic!!

Bon said...

it is so green that i am left green yet hopeful in the wake of that beautiful series of shots...hoping that we too will see the shoots and leaves come up. eventually.

and taking one out is an art form we are beginning to enjoy here too. i know it's not the same when they're not twins...but it is refreshing to be able to focus fully on one.

Sereknitty said...

Gorgeous photos! Blue eggs??? I've never heard of blue eggs. They'll be beautiful as easter eggs. What is the interesting spiky, cauliflower looking veggie in the photo?

t + j said...

we have recently begun a concerted effort to spend one-on-one time with the boys as much as possible. this weekend both mornings were dedicated to mommy/daddy time and it was DELIGHTFUL! it's crazy how easy, how freeing, and how much of their true personalities shine. and it made such a huge difference in how they treated each other through the rest of the day. i think my boys need the dedicated time with us, but as important i think they need quality time away from one another. it was a different realm of play, communication and relating to me and jordan, and one we are going to continue to foster each week.

Shan said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day! I don't like to schedule anything on Sundays either- it's reserved for much needed down time. Yesterday threw me off, though- I really dislike losing a precious hour of Sunday time whenever we have to "spring forward." Shortening my precious weekend (even if only by an hour) kind of kills me. I will like the longer hours of sunlight, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Blue eggs! That's fantastic.

Those are beautiful pictures, Amiee. Looks like you had a really nice day.

brook said...

i love sundays. thanks for sharing your day!

Preeti said...

The eggs are so beautiful! Glad to have inspired you to knit the HH and I love the rich color of the Noro you're using:) I long for quiet Sundays like the one you just described - that would be perfect bliss!