Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dressing Up a Girl

I finished a little something, something that has lingered in various piles, been lost and found, taken out and occasionally admired. The skeins of the original yarn are all lost, all except a little bit of the green. Just the color i needed to finish.

Here is Kayda in Anouk.
Kayda in Anouk

I recall the day I first saw the free pattern at Knitty, I was still early to knitting. I was fascinated by the colors, the name, the adorable bebe in the photo. It made me dream of having babies, of a sweet little one with a French name and a bright colored dress. I actually knit the dress years ago, almost right after the pattern was published....that would make it Spring 04...five years ago. Wow.

We all know when I did start down my path to Mama hood it included a lot of blue and no real need for a dress, bright though it may be. But Anouk was still around, unfinished, in need of pockets sewn on.
Kayda in Anouk

It was weird, I actually was totally stumped by how to sew the pockets on. I thought about picking up stitches, thought about how to join the two rows of knit stitches. Then I just picked up some matching embroidery thread and straight stitched them on. Not hard at all.
Kayda in Anouk

I knew it was for Kayda. And so over the weekend I whipped out the button bands, let Amanda pick out some buttons from the stash and duplicate stitched on a few stems (sans leaves). Completed with minutes to spare before they loaded up to drive north and the boys even had a few minutes to play with the buttons.

I love this dress and highly recommend it to any one looking for an adorable dress for a sweet spunky little girl. It has a very simple construction, easy to put together. I love the suggested yarn, so soft and saturated. My sister loved the colors and declared it her birthday dress. Now that it a huge compliment to this Auntie.

Wait until she gets a load of the real birthday gift. I am loving it already. And I am making it quite big so as she grows into her Year II and faeries become part of her world, the dress will be waiting on her.

A few more faces of Kayda

With Omi
Omi and Kayda

And done...
Kayda in Anouk


Sereknitty said...

Beautiful job on the knitting and beautiful Kayda! What a sweetheart! I've put my request in for a granddaughter next time around -- my stepdaughter said she'd see if she could accommodate!

Goddess in Progress said...

Oh, I love it! I recognized the pattern instantly. I used to stare at that one, waiting for a friend to have a girl so I could make one. (They all had boys!) I never did make it, maybe I will eventually. But I love, love, love to see it in action!

Em Natural said...

Oh my gosh Amiee! That is the cutest little dress i can't wait to see kayda in it :) Btw the last photo of her is adorable! What a Amanda face :)
love you muches and can't wait to talk this weekend!
MUAH! emmy

Bon said...

love that little face, love the dress. almost makes me think i ought to try. almost. i have craftphobia. you are slowly, slowly breaking down a lifetime of fear.

and it's funny how those imaginings of our hearts often do not come to pass the way we'd thought, leaving both a little longing and a lot of contentment and growth in their path.

Preeti said...

Kayda looks adorably cute in her Anouk. The colors are so lovely and she will definitely get loads of wear from this dress. Hmmm, maybe I should knit a toddler sized one to be worn over jeans.

brook said...

love it. and those little legs inside those legwarmers are too cute!