Friday, March 27, 2009

Dream Big or Go Home

I know you have a dream. I sometimes wonder what the dreams of others look like.

Are they hazy, wrapped in gauze and indistinct?

Or is yours sharp, real and clear, as clear as the silhouette of the Eastern Sierras against a bright blue sky?

I have my dream, our dream, I should say. It is of the sharp quality, almost too easy to see. Aptly named and even better placed. Nestled in the arms of the mountains I love, not too far, but otherworldly in its setting. Strategically situated next to a clear running stream, at the end of a 16 mile mountain bike trail, feet from fishing holes, minutes from elevation, closest to my idea of heaven. (No, it is not Canada, and that is what makes it so real).

This dream unfolds easily in my mind, scenes of this life vivid and challenging. I can see the place clean and welcoming. I can see the Lodge restored and inviting, people gathered around a deep warm hearth in winter. People not on Retreat, but in Advance mode.

I can see artists of all types, all mediums, snugged up in small cottages, needing and finding inspiration. Cyclists needing open road and trail, yogis needing meditation and practice, travelers from far off places stumbling upon us because someone told them about us back in Thailand.

And I can see all of them gather to find these things in each other.

I can see small gardens tended, classes offered, people coming and going and staying and leaving. A huge glassed in room of fiber and art and wheels and looms and space. I can see learning to fish, like, really fish.

There is healing and growth, unbelievable opportunity for early morning sunrise glory, unparalleled areas for photography exploration and a lot of home cooked meals served on long trench tables where all sit to eat and live and eat some more.

I can see this dream and it makes me happy. And it makes it harder. Dream to reality seems a challenge I am not quite sure how to embrace. My current attempts to realize it involve SuperLotto tickets every so often. I do believe that when we truly visualize that which we need, we can will it to come, it just might not come the way we expect.

This here is my attempt to put the message out to the Universe at large that I am serious about this dream and would welcome any assistance available to help it become solid reality. Thanks, there, happy spirits, and I am looking forward to seeing you in Paradise.



Dawn Johnson Warren said...

I've had a similar vision, of course tweeked by my own life experiences. And without my even realizing it, it's been unfolding for the past 7-8 years. The universe is listening and you never know what mundane actions are connected to making that dream a reality. Campbell's "Follow Your Bliss" starts with those small steps we take each day to make ourselves joy full in the moment and it is in those steps that the universe slowly unfolds the dream into reality. I hope we get to visit each other's communities some day.

lori z said...

you go girl.

the more you put the dream out there, the more opportunities there will be for it to come true.

LauraC said...

I truly believe you will accomplish this dream! The universe is listening!

Roughly around when Jon and I got married, we wrote down our dream: to live somewhere that matched our interests and passions. We were very detailed: 3 bedroom house with nature view, family-friendly community, great tech market, easy to be vegetarian, access to the beach, easy to fly to visit family, good weather, jobs that provided good family-work balance... the list was an entire page long as we contemplated our "perfect" life.

5 years later, here we are. It literally fell into our laps in one week. We visited Raleigh on a scouting trip and fell in love with it. Jon called an old boss to network and the boss offered him a job on the spot working wherever he wanted. The next day, my company agreed to let me telecommute.

On Sunday, it was a dream. By Wednesday, it was a plan.

Keep on believing, it will happen.

If anyone can make it happen, I know you can.

t + j said...

hey there, mames! is this place you photographed "the place" or just an example of the type of place you dream of making this happen? is it vacant/for sale? is it historic? the reason i'm asking is because i know a ton about financial incentives for restoring/redeveloping historic properties. if this is ringing any bells, just shoot me an email.

Bon said...

oh wow. paradise. it looks good. it looks inviting.

i think my real deep dreams have been on simmer for a long time now...or rather, i've forgotten that it's possible, maybe, to make choices and plans in favour of dreams.

i thank you, for reminding me.

brook said...

thank you!!! that is beautiful!! love!

brook said...

p.s. i get these emails called 'tuts, notes from the universe' (which i love!) and i felt compelled to share this one with you that i recieved today:

"Ever notice how, when someone dreams of happiness, abundance, health, romance, or friendship, they never have to wonder if it's in their best interest?

But when someone dreams of a specific house, employer, love interest, deadline, dollar amount, or diet fad, they often end up contradicting themselves?

Keep your "end results" general, . Everything else is just a how.
To the big picture,
The Universe

p.s. Save the glorious details for visualizing and getting excited about the big picture of your life, yet don't attach to those details or mistake them for what you really want. BTW - I really want you."