Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Loves :: Spring time

Maybe it is the soft air of Spring, maybe the huge tax return Sam just gave us (blessed be, twins), but I am full of loves this week.

:: Silk blend Yarns : Oh, how I love thee, silk blend yarns, so soft and color rich, soaked in color, really. I seem to have gone the route of silk blends for some time now. There is something about them, the warmth and light loft and just plain prettiness. Here is a bit from my stash collective, all in very spring like colors.
Loves :: Silk Merino
The blend somehow makes pastels look better. The purple is Noro Cash Iroha, the pink Noro Lily, and the Louisa you can see. The Louisa will be another Hurricane Hat, the Lily a springtime light cardigan. Maybe of my own design, just something little and simple.

:: Hurricane Hats : Speaking of the HH.
Loves :: Hurricane Hat
Need a simple and lovely beanie to get you through Spring? This one took a few hours and is my favorite of the moment. The cleverly placed purls are easy to track without stitch markers and the knitting goes fast. I cannot wait to cast on again with the Louisa Harding blend.
Loves :: Hurricane Hat

:: 'Poo' free hair : Yes, I think we all love poo free hair. But I am talking about shampoo free hair.
Loves :: 'Poo' Free Hair
I read a great post about ditching all the chemicals in hair products and embarked on my own attempt. If you read the post you will see she 'washes' with baking soda paste and 'conditions' with apple cider vinegar. It is really easy and my hair and scalp feel better than ever before. I add a few drops of essential oil into the baking soda paste for that little Aveda 'fix' I need. And the vinegar smells never lingers longer than it takes to get my hair dry. I think this will save untold dollars and help clear my scalp of the pesky eczema lurking there. Yay, poo free!

:: My boys : Of course I do love them. Before nap I found them in the backyard with a wheel barrow full of books, sitting in the sun, 'reading' and catching the light in a glittery page of butterflies. And the way they use their words, all the time, never stopping, full outpouring of language. Some intelligible, some requiring translation. Here they are at snack time.

And the daring duo at the park.

:: The first poppy : Now is the time in California when our native poppy explodes over fields and appears in the most random of places.
Loves ::First California Poppy
They self seed, so you never know. This one is in the front yard. Well, was. The boys are still learning the word 'gentle' and 'alive'. He picked it for me, I like to think we passed some seeds along for next year.

And you...what are you loving this week?


Sereknitty said...

I'm loving the crisp coldness combined with the blazing sunlight! Although, must admit, not too impressed with change to daylight savings time :)

jillian said...

I'm loving being almost done with Baby Cables and hoping I'll be able to wear it. Even once.

Speaking of poo-free, I got a bee in my bonnet about not having SLS or related products in my shower stuff. My skin is dry and sensitive, and seems to get more so the older I get. Soap was easier, but shampoo was harder to find. I was using Pureology for a while, lovely but expensive, then I found Real Solutions last year. It works so well at only $6 a bottle. So far I've found it at Rite Aid and Ralphs.

LauraC said...

Such little cuties! I am loving this week as we have so much warmth and sunshine here!

I had to laugh at the hair story. I tried to do the same in Chicago while unemployed and it was a disaster for me. My head itched like crazy and my dandruff got worse. Then I was working at Trader Joe's after my unemployment ran out and I talked to a customer who was bald then stopped using SLS and his hair grew completely back in. I've stopped using anything with SLS since then and my hair has been great.

I also tried to go to all-natural deodorants but apparently I sweat way too much. Jon politely told me I stank. And with the humidity here in summer and the running... well I'm being kind to everyone when I put on my Degree.

Oh right, I also love seeing my boys finally able to eat dinner outside!

Sarah-potterknitter said...

I'm going to try the baking soda thing, it's got to be better than what i'm using now!

We've started to get a few words around here finally this week, up, apple, more (only if he's really in the mood) It's pretty fun isn't it.

Shan said...

OMG, the boys are so freaking adorable! I love your Hurricane Hat, too- so perfect for spring!

Bean has started to move around a lot more in the last couple of days (yesterday and this morning), so currently that's what I'm loving. :)

kitchendoor said...

This week I'm loving: alone time, a taste of spring, German chocolate cake, secrets, Josh Lyman, and the promise of everything around the corner...

Happy Wednesday!

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

I'm loving Griffin's play with his soft handmade toys -- as you know! Oh how I miss your blog. I'm making a March resolution to check in on my friends more. I feel like we've been less of a community lately, and I miss us. Love the videos of the boys and the poo-free hair is intruiging -- as soon as I get a minute to mix up paste (I think I require essential oils, too) and buy vinegar, I'm in. I noticed that you are knitting my funky purple variegated yarn -- it looks great, I can't wait to see the finished product. I also love your eyes with the new hat -- they jump out of the photo. Well, enough gushing for now. I'll talk to you soon.
Love, J

screamish said...

oh! gorgeous photo of the poppy. nice idea about the shampoo. I recently realized I might be allergic to bleach and have gone on a white vinegar campaign and am astounded by how useful it is around the place for all sorts of things. and the smell reminds me of my photography darkroom days.

nice bonnet!

Mona said...

Love the hat, but I especially love your video postings, it helps to keep connected to O & M. Take care.

Preeti said...

What a vibrant colored poppy!! Love the hat and loved the vids:):) Enjoy spring!!

Katie said...

LOL. I see my Gwennie is not the only one unable to leave flowers unpicked!