Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Moving Along

First off, thank you so very much for your concern and well wishes for Tim. It never fails to amaze me how strongly my community of friends here in this space give and support and encourage. He is experiencing a few more complications from the hit and we are hoping for him to get back to his normal self soon. I cannot reiterate strongly enough how good it feels to know how much you all care.

Back to reality post escape (um, well, it was an semi escape that is currently turning into the endless rounds of insurance talks, doctor visits and juggling sick twins...yep, sick again). It makes me feel a little like it would have been better to just stay put. I am harried and frazzled and tired and dirty (screw baking soda, I am taking a long bubbly shower as soon as my Mama can take the boys for a while). But I am here, and we Mamas (and others) know you just have to keep on going. You have to. Because those little ones need interaction and security, food needs making (except for last night when I resorted to really good pizza from the local joint) and laundry needs washing. Some how.

And of course, what do I do when I am feeling stressed. I try to cram as much craft into my solitary breathless moments. Because I am crazed like that. Actually it is my non crazy that needs it. There is something calming in the small even stitches, the repetitive movements that leave behind evidence of my ability to create outside of myself, evidence of little dreams.

I started this simple bag last week and it came with us onto the slopes.
Simple Sewing

It is from the excellent book Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter and I loved the way it came together so organically. She is right on with the title, her projects are simple, logical and easily executed. This one is from a sturdy pretty corduroy (1 dollar remnant) and a splash of Heather Ross fabric for a pocket. It held up well on my back through out the day, was barely noticeable. I think it will be a good take along for hikes and park days. I also think I might make up a few for the boys to introduce the beginnings of packing it in (and out) when we venture this Spring.

And then the Mammoth porch activities with needle and thread. Here is a peep peek.
Peep Peek

I have a plan to do up a few more onesies. I had such fun doing the auction pieces (that sold, much to my relief). The little character of Fred has been floating around this household, created by my brother Jon for his French class. He is a debonair little monkey and finds himself in many different situations, diapered and cute, breaking out of his first Easter egg. I am planning on stocking a few onesies in the shop, plans plans. I will let you know if it does happen...I think these would make excellent baby shower gifts and lord knows there is a plethora of pregnant women out there right now.

So, there is my Zen. And this is a new Zen I am discovering. I read about Alabama Chanin and the book Alabama Stitch Book at one of my new favorite blogs. Something about the images immediately called to me so I did a book order post tax refund. The last two evenings I have been immersed in the magic that is the Alabama book. I actually gets tingles when I see some of the pieces. Combined with my Weekend Sewing
acquisition, the inside of my brain feels like a virtual world of amazing sewing possibilities. It may be some time before I can actually try a piece from the Alabama book, but I have so much fodder for my night time imaginings.

So, one step at a time. First, park, then doctor then dinner then tomorrow. It all works itself out. With a little time and faith and healing, right?
Black Bamboo

And reminders to breathe. Just breathe.

Train Cap Two
Train Hat II : Check.

Not to alarm anyone, Tim is okay...but struggling a little more than we thought. Keep him in mind if you can.


Luckygirl said...

I'll be praying for Tim and your little ones to get better quickly!

I'm glad you'll be selling the onesies with the cute lil monkey. I got outbid at the auction :(

Bon said...

yikes. i missed the previous post 'til now...hope Tim recovers quickly. and the kids too, but the head injury stuff is obviously scary in a different way.

my mom has been nagging me to skate with a helmet on. despite the fact that i've been skating since i was 2. i think i will stop mocking her now.

LauraC said...

Oh my, your family is in our continued thoughts and prayers. How very scary and worrisome. And is there really anything more maddening than dealing with insurance companies?

Sarah said...

Poor Tim. I'm sending you guys my prayers for quick healing and strength, and may the insurance stuff go smoothly (ugh). I think pizza is absolutely the thing for times like these. The laundry can wait, can't it?

The trick to ice skating may be applicable to life in general: Keep your knees bent and your weight centered, and when a fall seems inevitable, try to land on your ass where you'll bruise but not break. I know how good you are at the staying centered part--it sounds like you're coping amazingly well, all things considered. Hugs to you.

Patricia said...

Hope Tim feels better and the boys as well! I can't wait for spring! As for escapes, they are so needed but sometimes the work to recreate your normal is so hard.

Anonymous said...

Tim's in my prayers. I hope he heals smoothly and quickly and I am sending all my positive energy to your family!

MJ said...

Wow, now I have to read the post you mentioned.

Speaking of Natalie Chanin, isn't she brilliant? I fell in love with her stuff when Lori lent me her Alabama Stitch book. It is amazing.

MJ said...


I just finished reading the previous post. And I'm glad Tim is okay. Considering that an actress just died from head injuries on the slopes, no helmet. What a tragic thing.

Go hug the family.

Beth said...

So sorry to hear that Tim is having some complications, and that the boys are sick again. Glad that you are taking some time for yourself. Hang in there. You are in our thoughts and prayers for a quick and complete recovery for Tim

Sadia said...

May you all, (and I mean ALL!), feel better soon.

gleek said...

oh no! i missed that post about tim due to my darn freelance sucking up all my internet time :( i'm glad to hear he's ok! that must have been really scary. hugs!

Sereknitty said...

I'm sorry to hear that Tim is still not 100% -- such a worry! Praying for his complete and quick healing -- the kids, too!

On a lighter note, the bag and hat #2 are adorable! Your colour choices are marvellous!

Bon said...

just came back to check on Tim...things okay?

Preeti said...

Oh sweetie, I wish I could FedEx home cooked meals over to you so you can take that hot bubbly bath. My prayers are with you and your loved ones as you go through this rough patch. It can only get better from here on:):) Hugs!!