Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Sale and A Plan

Hi, Wednesday. You make me feel good. You make me feel like having a sale. A few weeks ago I put a few items in the shoppe. I was happy to see a few go to good homes and I asked for some feedback. Now, I know I have fellow Mama of toddlers reading here because we all follow along this path together in some ways. So, I am totally planning on getting some toddler sized t-shirts in the shoppe with a few unique 'Jon' characters. I promise they will not be white. But that will have to wait. You will see why.

Anyways, I have two wee onesies in the shoppe geared towards the upcoming Easter holiday and I would love to see them go to a place where they can be worn before that Sunday passes. They are on sale now for 10 bucks and free shipping.
On Sale!
On Sale!
Snatch them up if you like, give them to a friend with a little one. Or if you have a little one tuck them into it. One is 0-3 months, one is 3-6 months. Now, go and get 'em.

See, I am clearing the slate for a few weeks to focus on my boys. You know, those ones I never write about any more. Those ones turning two in a few weeks. Those ones driving me batty and alternately making my heart melt. Mostly batty though.
Morning 'Do :: Gene Wilder
Morning 'Do :: Greaser
Two is gonna be hard. As long as I can steal kisses and hugs, I think I might make it.

I saw an awesome project over at Woodcraft. I know half the world reads Sweet Juniper for the wonderful eloquent writing and stellar photography. But I was totally hooked in by Wood's new crafty blog. So, this project started spontaneously, gathering scrap, using some precious fabric pieces, digging deep into a box I scored from Jennifer's destash efforts. I love it so far.
Nap Time Activity
My plan is to make the birthday banner to be used for the multiple family members residing here, just a special touch to a not-so-ordinary day. And make a personal 'name' banner for each person as their birthday comes. This project is simple a fun and you can read the process Wood used here. So far I have changed a few things...
Bday Banner

:: My triangles are cut from 9" by 10" squares
:: I am using wool felt for the letters
:: I plan on using 2" ribbon and folding it over each pennant.

There are a few other things in the works, I am trying not to get too distracted by all the pretty shiny objects popping up all around. I did finish the second hat, just in time to catch a few Spring time rays lakeside.
Looks like we are going out of town for awhile on an impromptu vacation, but there is a post office in our little town and I promise to send out the onesies stat.

Now, back to work. I might be meaning this literally. More on that later. For now, I have projects and a sewing machine to pack.


juliaipsa said...

Ah, the "terrible twos!" Can't wait to hear about their crazy antics. Boys are so much fun at that age!

LauraC said...

You have me so worried, thinking the reason you're going back to work is because Tim is still not better. Hopefully this is not the case and everyone in your family is healthy!

Twos very hard, but somehow this year I fell even more in love with my little boys.

Luckygirl said...

The picture of your babies in the hats - ack! I just melted! :)

Anonymous said...

The name banners are looking SO cute! And look at those little dudes rockin' their hats! Adorbs!

brook said...

i hope you are going somewhere badass..... ;) i vaguely remember my little bros two's and we had a great time. i was kind of like their mother at times, so i feel like i got to partly raise them. your boys are so precious! love the faux hawk.

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

I love these photos of the boys and the onesies are cute cute cute. Funny, because I was just remembering your embroidery on their T-shirts, which I love. I'll have to get a tutorial and make some for Mr. G. Have a great vacay...
Love, J

Preeti said...

What a great idea to make birthday banners! They look like so much fun:) Have a great time on your mini vacation.

Sereknitty said...

Love, love, love the birthday banner & especially the photos of the boys -- so adorable! Kudos on the hat pattern -- I'd love to make one like that for our grandson. I put my machine away several years ago when the knitting bug 'bit', but all of your photos and projects are making me think I'll have to pull it out again soon!

Kate said...

I absolutely love the hats. Have you considered posting the pattern that you created?

Two can be rough, but it can also be so very sweet and loving. But it definitely is a roller coaster! You seem like you have a level head--you should be just fine.

Katie said...

A little late posting but I am finally finding a little time to blog read- I love the little sun hats, might have to copy that idea! And I have been meaning to tell you ho fantastic I think it is that you have put up some adorable little things for sale- I hipe we see more soon. Hope Tim is well- thoughts to you and the boys, take care!

Sereknitty said...

Aimee, I know you love hand crafted birds ... did you see the bird mobile at knitty.com? Here's the link: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring09/PATTflock.php