Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekends are for...

Sewing (for Me) :: Adjusting the dress, trying it on, testing the fit.
Weekend Sewing Kimono

Feeling good about the current results. I was a little apprehensive when the elastic thread would not gather at the waist, instead I ran a few threads for gathering. I love the green fabric but may not have enough to make the Obi sash, my original plan was to use the shockingly pretty pink Heather Ross fabric, small conundrum.
Fabric Chosen

Any opinions?

Sewing (for them) :: We finally found a hat style they like and we only have the one in a cute Hawaiian print. I did a thorough examination of the current fave and sketched off a pattern and tried it out today.
Nap time Festivities

I have been hoarding all my Heather Ross fabric for too long, it feels good to finally use it. It was a great nap time activity, not too much sewing, and when they woke up I had something to show for the time.
Sun Hat

Owen immediately adopted it, refusing to even let Mace try it on for fit. He wore it from 3 p.m. until bath time.
Sun Hat

I have never been so flattered in my life.
Blues Brother

Knitting (for her) :: The sweet simple idea for a faerie dress has come together, the bodice is knit and I have too many yards of tulle floating around.
Faerie Dress

I love the fluffy stuff, so diametrically opposite from anything I have ever created for the boys.

Gathering :: Some blooms from the rose bush. Unbelievable, the fragrance that these huge flowers give off. Almost intoxicating.
From the Garden

I have spent many minutes of the last few days with my nose buried in them.

Organizing :: I inundated my craft library in the last few weeks and was feeling very very overwhelmed by all the ideas and possibilities and wonderful patterns and plans. I felt so paralyzed that I needed to take it all out, find the books new homes and open up a little more space for fabric and breathing.
Spring Organizing

The result is something new and nice, a bookshelf in our home reclaimed from toys, a corner space just slightly reinvented.
Sewing Corner
It seemed to work, as evidenced by the projects flowing. Spring cleaning has come to my crafting...but not to the whole home. That might have to wait until next weekend.

Reading :: Want to see the new books? I warn you, you might not want to place a huge Amazon order for all of them at the same time.

* Alabama Stitch Book
* Weekend Sewing
* Aranzi Cute Stuff
* Seams to Me
* Stitched In Time


The rest of this new week holds coaxing little veggies to grow big and strong in their new homes.

Making another sun hat out of orange doggie fabric. Finding more moments to participate in this new place I have found, a much better healthier social network than FB. Practice egg hunts with the boys. Following up with my 30 Days project for the boys. Deciding what to knit next now that my needles are empty (but my mind so full).

How is your week shaping up?


jillian said...

I like the pink fabric. It's a great contrast!

Those hats are entirely too cute, Owen looks like he could do no evil :)

Goddess in Progress said...

Mames, with each picture, I just sit here and sigh. *aaaaahhhh* So lovely, every last bit!

I'm hoping to get more sewing time in soon, and it makes me oh so happy.

LauraC said...

I love the green... with the B&W flowers on the dress, the green reminds me of spring. (And have to agree with Goddess, love ALL of your pics ALWAYS.)

I'm hoping this week is a slow week. The last 10 days have been a sprint: Jon's birthday, my birthday, twins club sale, half marathon, going out each night with friends, garage door broke, freezer broke, work laptop died, and then pink eye.

Jon and I went out last night to celebrate our birthdays and came home at 9 because we were both ready to fall over.

(PS I also planted all my little babies in the ground: 6 kinds of tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, broccoli, leeks, 8 herbs, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.)

annie said...

great pictures as always. the roses! your dress looks wow, I love the green belt! and the hats... lovely. I am glad to see you get around to do the things you love. smiles

Luckygirl said...

LOVE the dress (the green is my favorite, but the pink is beautiful)! LOVE the hat! He looks so precious in it!

And I love the new bookcase; I'm an organization nut :)

Pixiepurls said...

omgosh I love that little hat and how perfect is that fabric! You go girl! I wish I lived by you, I yearn to sew but have no sewing buddy or mentor and I was never raised around it, no one I know can sew.

Luckygirl said...

oh and I love the badger website - LOL!

Anonymous said...

That dress is fabulous! You know me, so I do love the green obi, but I think the pink would be cute, too! And those hats- gah! So adorable! Perfect for the warm days ahead. :)

Em Natural said...

I love the dress babe supremely beautiful!

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Ack! Not sure what to comment on first. Those hats! OMG, they are amazing. We HAVE to have a sewing day now. Have to. The dress is, in a word, fabulous. I like the Green for the Obi belt - find something like it if there isn't enough - it's perfect. As for books, just got several myself - though none of those. One that you'd love is Printing By Hand. Too cool for school.

gleek said...

ooooh, that dress is just soooo pretty!! i love the obi and the print.