Monday, May 04, 2009

Amazing Emmalien

The birthday festivities happened long ago but I need to post about one of the most precious gifts ever. My sister is an unbelievably talented woman. She majored in Ceramics in college (well, double majored along with her Botany degree) (a B.A. and a B.S., of course). She has always been an elegant artist with amazing taste. It goes like this, she can create, middle sister can dress (and West African dance like a pro), and I can copy. And I am the eldest. Hurmph.

Anyways, she has made the boys some wonderful things in their two years, books and stuffies and the like. But she brought it this birthday. I have no idea where she found the time or the energy as she works full time when not crafting. But she made them their very own roadway system map, complete with home, school, park and lake and all out of durable beautiful felt, hand stitched in many places. And along with that came some fun and funny cars and buses to toodle along the roads.
Amazing Em Presents

I was blown away when we opened the box and found the cars, I thought the rolled up item was a quilt. And when the boys saw it, it was open season. They spent time running their new cars along the roads, then made it a point to gather all of their other wheeled vehicles and take those for a spin too.
Amazing Em Presents

They love touching the little sewn features and naming them... house, tree, birdie, fish, lake, slide, goes on and on.
Amazing Em Presents
One of the things that truly strikes me about this and other special handmades is what they say about my children and their impact on people. That they are beloved to people who want to create and hold and play and see them grow. It is an amazing thing to be a part of.
Amazing Em Presents

Amazing Em Presents

And the piece. It is currently hanging on the wall as art for now until I am certain there will be no willful pulling apart of this love. I mean, I take it down for play when they ask, but I just want to see it whole and free of dog hair for a little while longer.
Amazing Em Presents

And then when they are done (like they ever will be) I want to frame it and keep it safe until the next generation can take in all of it's loving expression.
Amazing Em Presents

We love you, memes. You are so much a wonderful part of our lives and family. Kisses


Bea said...

Wow, I am so so jealous, I love the car map, and the cars, all of it, it is so beautiful.

Em Natural said...

Mamie, you are too too wonderful. You are the creator! Not only of two wonderful boys but endless gorgeous handcrafts! You are the one who started it all. Remember jewelry then crocheting then knitting then the World! :)
Love you too much, now get back to letting me see what you are doing!muah!

Sadia said...

What a lovely, thoughtful, heartfelt gift!

a li'l bit squishy said...

Yay! For sisters!! How beautiful. I linked to you in my blog because I have great admiration for your talent, and your love. Thanks for being so inspiring.

Preeti said...

I am just blown away looking at this amazing, thoughtful work of art that was created for the boys. The little details are so sweet, like the clock and the fish and the swings. M&O are going to enjoy this for a long, long time. What a wonderful sister!! Fabulous Em!!!

Gabrielle said...

Wow, what a truly gorgeous generous gift, its just beautiful! It has been lovely catching up with your blog again, sorry it has been so long. I related to so much of what I read, the feeling of being pulled in so many directions with going back to work, as well as the magic of trains! Happy birthday to your sweet boys - can you believe they are 2 already!

urban craft said...

Oh my, that is the coolest. I have been thinking of making plushie cars for my little guy but of course I would have never thought to make the fabric road and map of land to go along with it. I am definitely going to work on whipping up one.

I love your blog about you and your beautiful family. I, too, have an Owen. I'm sure people ask you all the time but can I buy your boys' clothes from you?

Bon said...

that's extraordinary. the two of you blow my mind.

i'm not sure i'm related to ANYONE who's ever sewn anything. suddenly, i begin to realize that this is a sad, sad thing.

but what a lovely heirloom toy!