Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mi Familia

We all have a family. It is part of how we got here. They all look different, some structured in more unique ways. I come from the traditional kind, parents together after many years and many children. 8 to be exact, 5 boys and 3 girls. I fall second in line, the oldest girl, flanked by two brothers. In what might be called anomalous these days, we all like each other, have very little animosity towards each other. We eat dinner together when we can, eschew drama for the most part and find as we are becoming adults we are also becoming really great friends. Sounds a bit boring, right? I assure you it is not, but it is loud. Really really loud.

For the first time in 6 years we are all together, gathered for 3 days in my favorite place on earth. 19 people and all the food and bags and canoes that come with them. Speaking of canoes, we (Tim and I) have been coming here for 14 years and never once have we gotten into the pond by our cabin. Within an hour of total arrival, the canoes were in and the guys were doing laps. Leave it to my family to find a way to add a twist to things.
august 2009 201

Here are the guys.

And here are the girls.

I expect the next few days to hold too little sleep, too much food and drink, lots of games and adventures, some heartfelt confessions and a touch of drama (of the ‘but I wanted fake bacon not real pork’ kind).

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This precious moment brought to you by one of my sons and my big brother. He is a Major that has brought himself and many men back from Iraq whole, so I had not a qualm with this toddler diversion. Mace was begging for more, more, more the whole time.

I don’t wish for more tantalizing soul wrenching family experiences. I fully expect the world to dole that out to me at some point. I am content to let happiness course through my body and our family and this blessed event. It is not often one can be present with 18 others that love you unconditionally, even knowing your deepest ugliest times. And they watch my kids without even asking. It is all win win.

I wish for others that they have a community akin to mine. All it takes is a commitment to unconditional love. It sounds harder than it is, really.
Love you Mama and Dad, Dan and Angie, Alon and Jeanette, Stelly and Amanda and Kayda, Emmy and Michael, Isaac Rick and Jon, Brady, Mason and Owen and

Tim (sorry honey for getting the brunt on my crankies from not enough sleep)(See there is your drama for you).


Preeti said...

I love big families and being an only child I've always felt like I've missed out on one of the most precious things in life - siblings.

Your family seems awesome!!!

jillian said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. You are one lucky woman with that family!

kat said...

good times! how great for the next generation to have so many loving aunties, uncles and cousins.

Julia (MindofWinter) said...

Love the photo of Mace. You have an amazing family.

Cari said...

Have a WONDERFUL time!

Janna said...


Anonymous said...

What a freakin' awesome-looking family you have. I'm so glad you got to have them all in one place.