Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goodbye Summer

Today is the Autumn Equinox and I could not be happier. It does not feel like autumn here, temperatures have soared into triple digits and news programs babble endlessly about fire danger and the air smells hot and dry....but it will come, the cooler weather, and we will move towards the bearable time in Southern California.

I am never sorry to say good-bye to summer here, it is always such a challenging season with smog and heat and crisp skin and not wanting to wear clothes but uncomfortable with them off. This summer has been insanely busy, one trip after another, one change after another, weeks inside due to smoke and sun. Some very fun things have happened, but we have also had the challenging task of corralling those two and a half year olds and that pushed Tim and I to the edge. We realized a few weeks ago we had to take a break, alone without young ones. My gracious parents stepped in and we took off in the Subaru to experience Tahoe.

It was a great trip, no injuries this time, instead lots of time to talk and sit and have drinks and make food that we ate sitting down. Nothing terribly special, just really really needed. It gave us the time we needed to re-asses our approach to toddler meltdowns and tantrums, but also to life as a unit, to goals and dreams. Much needed and much appreciated. And we knew we really needed it when we confessed to each other on the last day that we really had not missed them much...up until that moment, that is.

Tahoe :: Him
Tahoe :: Me

We arrived home on Sunday in time to take the boys to their first real concert, an in store show by Mason Jennings.
Mason Jennings in store at Fingerprints
Mason Jennings in store at Fingerprints
Mason Jennings in store at Fingerprints

It was hot and sweaty and difficult (especially when our Mason decided the music was not to his liking and insisted he listen from just outside the front door). But it was totally worth it when Owen brought a poster up to Mason to be signed and stood quietly watching him then would not let said poster go. That is going to be framed for sure.

Mason Jennings in store at Fingerprints
Mason Jennings in store at Fingerprints

So, now, summer ends. Like I said, I am not sad to see it go. I have knits to be made and worn. We have a Fall family wedding coming in a month. We have boys who have embraced school which gives their Mama 3 solid hours of 'something' time. I will hopefully have a finished knit or two to show, and a very special sewing project for the upcoming wedding. And I went a wee bit wild while away and gathered some new yarn and fabrics...


Tim buys T-shirts, I buy the raw material.

Back to the knitting now, it just feels so good knowing it will be time sooner than later for a new sweater.


Another great part of coming home was a big box that was waiting....holding out new Canon body. This is me gazing adoringly into the best piece of equipment we have ever owned. Oh, how I love you, camera.

Staring into our new 50D...wih utter abandoned love


Preeti said...

I just blogged about saying goodbye to summer too, looks like we're both embracing the arrival of cooler days:) Love the tweedy sweater on your needles and just wanted to say that we're a Canon family too...whadyaget????

Claroux said...

ooo - do tell more 'bout the camera. I'm drooling over here! Just ordered myself a new lens for my canon and it should be here tomorrow! I'm psyched!

Bon said...

those are some nice nice photos.