Friday, September 25, 2009

Version (Just Shy) 2.5

I wonder sometimes about the validity of these recollections when it comes down to it. It seems that Time assumes a new bending as you both grow up. Time, it just seems like there is not enough of it. And yet I look forward to the 7:00 o'clock hour when we tumble through bath and night time routine and we all fall exhausted onto the bed.
Park Play
Park Play

Why yes, I did say 7 p.m. Seems awfully early, right? Not if we take into account the latest twist in twin development, that of an almost totally dropped daytime nap. The horrors. It all started about a month ago, nap time started to become a struggle, especially for Tim. Shrieking and running in the small enclosure of the room became frequent, actual sleep started to become rare. When we both realized we were spending as much time going in and out, trying to get some type of settled sleep, some moment of peace but rarely finding it, well, we just said f-it. If they do not want to sleep, what is the point of forcing nap at gun point (well, not really, but you know what I mean).

And the other factor was that when naps did occur, bedtime was usually 9 p.m. Mind you, they were in bed at 7:30, maybe 8 p.m., but asleep? Nope. So, we had to face facts and realize that their nap was fading into oblivion, the sweet sweet oblivion of 2 hours of daytime freedom.

Sporadic crashing occurs every few days, but for the most part they hold it together well and bliss out in bed by 7. Ah, it can actually be nice somedays. We have much more time to ourselves after they fall asleep. The days can be rough sometimes, but with the new addition of school and the increase in working hours, it all feels like it races by.

Changing the routine usually makes me feel off kilter, but not this time. This time, I have given a gallic shrug to the lack of napping, brought them into a semi-dark room and laid down to watch Nemo for the 15th time.

Speaking of is a thought. When you as parents are planning on going away for a long weekend and you think it would be nice to surprise your kids with a new movie (since CARS has been in unbelievably heavy rotation and you just cannot take it anymore), I suggest you do not buy 'Finding Nemo". Because the story is about a little boy fish who is violently separated from his father (after his mother is snapped up by a toothy predator shark in the first scene) and there are plenty of harrowing experiences that occur throughout. Yes, they are successfully reunited, but not before sharks, explosions, failed escape attempts that almost grind Nemo to bits, and a fake death scene unfurl. This proved to be a bit much for the boys and my Mama reported abject terror during the movie with lots of plaintive crying for 'Nemo' and 'Daddy Nemo' and 'No Shark, no boat, no no no'. Whoops. We have spent the better part of the week watching it during the blazing afternoons and explaining that despite it all, the Daddy finds Nemo and they are okay. Whew.

Now, of course, we are finding the heavy rotation of Nemo is the new norm. It is almost comical how much one can grow to like a movie when one has no choice.

Time has brought us close to the half year mark, I am looking at it as a testament to our fortitude that we are still alive. Yes, two has been the struggle I feared, but with challenge there comes reward. Some of those rewards come in the form of abundant affection, our new ritual is "Kiss, Hug and Hi-5!". It happens all day and makes my heart turn to gold. And then there is the night time ritual when you now tell your favorite stories along with my voice, finishing sentences. Or better yet, when you tell me a story, unique in its lack of phrasing or timing, made up for by your sounds something like this...

" Nemo!!!! No boat, no boat!!! Oh, no, Nemo. Nemo okay, Daddy find (reassuring me). Daddy, blue fish...Shark! Shark! Light! Go. Nemo okay (reassuring me)." This can go on a bit, but I love it.
Park Play

(That would be Owen telling stories).

School has made its mark also. You willingly sing 'clean up' and help with toys. We practice your friends' names and talk about activities. I get art projects sprinkled with glitter and you come home covered in paints. It has quickly become a lovely place for you to go and I think you melted Mrs. B's heart when you ran up the walkway into her arms the other day. The rough parts are smoothing out and I think we will all be just fine. You kids are the best-est.
Outgrown hat

See Original shots of hat here.

Of course, we have had to explain the shiner Mason has been sporting (Thomas Train chucked to corner of eye...two has brought a heightened level of brother on brother violence at times). And we are still hanging on by the tips of our fingers sometimes. But I still would not trade it for the world.

Remember, boys, your Mama love you very very much.

The videos are for you, Nona Mona.


LauraC said...

We had the same experience with Nemo, we always have to start it at chapter 17 when the turtles are swimming. We finally gave up on movies since Alex is too sensitive and watch Noggin tv shows only. Oh and the first 20 mins of Cars.

I did want to comment - poor thing with no naps!!! My boys still nap and I don't know what we would do without that time. We did have to separate them for naptime bc otherwise they would not nap but it has been worth it to lose our guest room to get that time.

Preeti said...

Loved watching your little artist in action. That wall is going to be full of their drawings soon. Half way mark of the twins' age-two gives me hope that everything will be fine when Kiki turns 2 come November!

Lesley said...

I am laughing over Cars and Nemo. Cars is in our DVD 24/7. We had movie night and watched Nemo this weekend and poor Shenzie was scared of the shark.

I am SO SO SORRY over no naps. We are still in nap heaven (knock on wood). I DREAD the day they lose them.

Like Laura my twins have their own rooms which helped tremendously in the sleep department way back when.

ana said...

I miss you Ames. We have to get together so I can see your handsome little guys.

Disentangled said...

ha! that's hilarious about Nemo! good tip ;)