Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Away and Home

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A few scenes from our weekend. It flew by and left me with legs aching and bleary-eyed, winding down the road to the Coast, then inland for a straight arrow drive down the 5 South to make it home to my boys....all three.

It left me with a truly burning desire to dance again, to embrace movement that goes further than yoga. To find a Master teacher here in Los Angeles who can ignite that fire again, the joy that comes from challenge and loud live drums and other women (and some men too) moving in lines across the floor.

But home, well, that comes first. The hugs and laughs and cuddles. Witnessing Superboy and his prat falls. And giving the other one a big hug when he accidentally rammed his lip into the bench. Ouch. (But he was happy initially when he saw me).

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Sometimes the best thing about leaving is the coming home.

So many things to get done but all in good time. First, a few posts about the latest skirt making. Best pattern ever. Then, some knitting, some weight loss and a great Interview Experiment. Shaping up to be a full plate. Speaking of full plates...Thanksgiving in 2 weeks? What?


Preeti said...

Awww he has a boo-boo, it looks like your trip was amazing!!

Anonymous said...

These photos are so fantastic, lady. And I love what you have to say about kind of getting that solo part of your life back, even if it feels weird. Thanks for always being so honest--what I love most about your blog is how you don't whitewash the confusing parts. It's so refreshing.

Happy weekend :)