Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Sewing Post

Hi, blog friends. It feels like it has been some time since I have sat to write a substantive post, but I am happy to say this Sunday has been reserved for doing absolutely nothing. After a few weeks of endless somethings, today has been a do nothing. Better said that it has been a day of ::

- Bacon and Belgian waffle breakfast with family
- Pajamas until noon
- Park play with a bag of old carrots feeding the frisky horses
- Beef stew simmering in the pot by 4 p.m.
- And finally a post about sewing.

I have been wanting to post about the skirt pattern I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. It was at JoAnns, it was 99 cents on sale and it is a godsend. I seriously love this skirt. So much that I have sewed it three times already. Yep, three. I meant it when I said I loved it.

The thing about this skirt is that it looks a bit fancy but can be sewn in an hour. It does right by my curvy butt and my desire to wear everything below my waistline. It has a little flare and a good amount of shape. And it makes me feel good.

Tim once told me when I find something that fits I should just buy three of them, that way I am not so sad when the item I love tears or stains or disappears into the wreck that is our over-stuffed closet. The nice thing about this skirt is that I can have 100 of them if I choose. So far, just three though.

This is the first, a light corduroy print.
On my first attempt I followed the pattern but dropped the waist about 1.5 inches, I muddled through the zipper placement and eventually added the waist trim. The pattern calls for basting the waist, then using a fold over bias trim. I used fold over elastic to finish the waist and left it at that. The bottom edge is a double folded 1/4 inch hem with just enough weight. I love it so, but accidentally left it in my sister's rental car during our SF trip. So, I miss it but I had another.
Sorry for the picture quality, weird light in that one.

The second incarnation was using a heavier wool blend fabric in my stash.
The sewing took almost no time at all, the skirt consists of six pieces (called gores I think) with easy seaming instruction. I used fold over elastic again at the waist. I love the simplicity of the FOE for finishing as no one will ever see the waist line.

wool skirt

There is a great tutorial for FOE by Angry Chicken, I think I have mentioned it before. This one makes me happy because I can wear it with tights and some slouchy boots and feel dressed to the nines (for me).
I put this on when I realized that I should not be walking around SF on a Friday night in worn jeans and a Hurley sweatshirt. It has now become my 'going out'(fit) for now. Only negative is the wool is a little scratchy and catches the tights, but I am not ready for lined skirts yet. One step at a time.

And now number three is currently in progress.
This one is using some unbelievably pink, oddly stretchy fabric donated by Lori Z before she left to rejoin the Canadians. I know it might be a bit much, but it was calling me. I decided to embellish with a sashiko type design at the hem to tone it down (?) which might end up being a questionable decision.
The embroidery is in progress using some heavy thread and a cup to trace the semi-circles. It just might work out. I will be sure to let you know.

Simplicity 2520 has proven to be a pattern worth the 99 cents and I would highly recommend it to even a novice sewer (believe me, I place myself only a slight notch higher than that). I do think it might be better on a curvy girl due to the flare but I could be wrong. The thing I am loving about sewing my own clothes is that I have the final say on the fit. Clothes and I have never had an easy relationship so it excites me to start down the path of tailor. Next up, a pair of pants for me. Any suggestions for a 'boot cut with a generous booty' pattern would be greatly appreciated.

The thing about sewing was that it once intimidated me. I remember feeling the same way about knitting. I have found it is in the process that one learns the craft. I would highly encourage anyone reading that wants to sew to try it. I use a simple (and cheap) Brother and dream of the world of Cadillac machines and sergers, but I can do it just fine with what I have. Can you imagine being able to create pants that fit every time?

(Well, almost every time, I am sure there will be some f-ups when it comes to pants...the crotch, I am so intimidated by the whole sewing the crotch thing).

And just to clarify, I did not sew that stuff on this Sunday. But I did write this post up, which took all day, not sure why since we were doing nothing. Hmmmm.


LauraC said...

A skirt meant for curvaceous women is right up my alley!

jillian said...

All of those incarnations are wonderful - can't wait to see the finished embroidery. So sad the first skirt was lost. Boo!

Preeti said...

Love, love the slight flare! That's what makes a flirty skirt in my opinion! I love how you've dressed up the wool blend grey number - so chic and the touches of grey on the pink - very dainty. I wish it was skirt wearing weather for us:( 2010 for me will be a year for getting my feet (ok toes) wet and exploring the world of needle and thread and sewing!!!

Claroux said...

I am SO going to look for the pattern @ Joanne's! Another thing we have in common: curvy + generous booty LOL! Although by the looks of it I have about 6 inches on you in height. Goodness how I wish we weren't separated by an entire country. I seriously think we are Scorpio sisters separated at birth *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Oh HEY can you please make those skirts for selling so that I can buy one? Seriously. I so would. Especially the gray one. I am covetous.

Kate said...

I am SO going to get that pattern and sew a few for myself. (After I finish nursing the baby, get the big boy off to school, settle the little boy, unpack the boxes at our new house across the country.....)