Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making Hikes Count

I have my favorites in the blog world, we all do. In the area of photography, there is one woman who takes really beautiful shots of her family and Maine and benches and books. Oh, the book shot. It is stunning. Mainemomma does some amazing things with her camera, and I was delighted to receive an invite to join a FLickr group created to document walking. Simple as that. Walking.

A Walk (Hike)
Here at home we call it hiking and it elicits different responses from both boys. Owen gives it an enthusiastic "Oh, Yes!" while Mace glances briefly away from his current activity and says "Me no hike". Can't (t)win 'em all. Oh that was so cheesy.

The group has inspired me to bring the camera along and capture the hikes that we are getting to. And lest you think we are really hiking, know that most of the time we are stumbling, picking up things, avoiding horse poop and coyote scat and complaining about the uphill. But it is a start, right?
A Walk (Hike)

Here is my slide show contribution, here is the group at FLickr, and here is Mainemomma's stream and her blog. Please do join in the fun and show us where you hike or walk. I love seeing both the inside and outside parts of your lives so let me know if you do post a slide show.

Just to note :: This group is for slide shows, you can make an excellent slide show via BigHugeLabs and their slide show feature.

A Walk (Hike)
Though the weather outside your home might be cold, might be frightful, might be dry and dusty or might be a cityscape, I think it gives us all a jolt to look through the lens and see where we live. And find joy in the simple act of walking (and stopping)(and walking)(and stopping).

A Walk (Hike)


Bon said...

love all the shots, but the close up of wee mister brown eyes and platinum hair just slayed me with colour.

LauraC said...

MY GOODNESS love that last shot. Perfect in every way.

Ever since those haircuts, you boys seem to grow in every picture.

Claroux said...

I totally agree with Laura - when did they get so BIG? Mace, especially, seems to me to have changed the most. His face looks more mature. They are also starting to look more alike to me!

Anonymous said...

Oh OH, I love that last one. Gorgeous.

Sadia said...

You have an amazing eye!

I take snapshots, but I can't photograph, not as art, the way you do.

olivia said...

those boys are so adorable!!!

Preeti said...

Oooh they look so adorable and so grown up suddenly!!! Walking out in the cold even to fetch the mail takes all sorts of cajoling right now but I will try and take the camera out the next time even if it is just to the mailbox. Brrrr!!!