Sunday, December 13, 2009

On A Rainy Weekend

Our Foothills were slammed by a pretty serious rainstorm this weekend (serious for drought prone Southern California, anyway). It dovetailed nicely with our plans though as we just wanted to hole up and do nothing. A day like that was long overdue.

Normally a full day in with the boys would veer towards the unbearable, but we had PBS Saturday morning TV on our side and another secret weapon....little Legos.
Little Legos

That is a subject for a whole separate post, but let us say that the day stuck indoors was actually really lovely.

I spent a ton of time at the sewing machine with pretty specific goals set for myself. Sometimes when I want to sew, it just does not work out at all. But this weekend was a winner at the sewing table and I cranked out so many projects. It felt good as we only have a finite amount of time before we have to start handing out gifts.

The first thing I did was make some really sweet cup cozies for the boys teacher and office staff. There are only three teachers at the school, so I made one for each teacher.
Christmas Sewing :: 4 Teachers

These will be wrapped around a *Bux cup with a leetle gift card inside (those teachers sure love their *Bux). I had a great time using up long held scrap pieces. Some fabrics are too cute to throw out and this is a great way to utilize those awkward leftovers. I have to do some button sewing, but these are essentially done. The other ones are going to some loved ones that are always in need of the cozy as they are constantly drinking the coffee.

Just in case you wanted to know, it is super quick and easy. 1) Trace a open *Bux cup cozy on pattern paper. 2) Stack your fabrics as follows :: flannel for insulation, lining fabric face up, outer fabric face down. 3) Trace pattern, cut and sew around perimeter leaving about 2 inches for turning...I included a little silver elastic loop that will go around a button for closure 4) Turn piece, steam flat and top stitch all the way around. That's it.

Christmas Sewing :: 4 Teachers

And then I still had time to crank out a few aprons. This one is the first, a special French feeling one for my brother's lady.
Apron Sewn
Apron Sewn
Apron Sewn

(I especially love the gingham ties...gingham makes me feel happy).

She is considering culinary arts as her career so I figured this will be well received. I love the fabric pairing and had a great time playing with placement of each pattern. Sewing can be so fun when it flows.

This is my sexy French cook photo...I always make the weirdest faces when Tim takes my photo, that I why most of the pictures are self shot in mirrors, much less dork factor that way.

Apron Sewn

No pattern on this one, just the basic front with darts, ruffle and waistband. I used fabric from the stash for all of these so the pattern accommodated the available yardage. I am feeling much joy at using up the fabric that hovers above my sewing table, it makes so much sense to just reach up, grab a few pieces and mix and match from there.

The one time during the day that things got a little wiggly, Tim took Mace out to the store and Owen stayed in with me. We started a project I have held to the side until now.
Train project

It is a simple little paper train scene, but turned out not to be the easiest thing with the kid. Once I figured out the fold and glue sequence and sped things up, things smoothed out. I would hand them the completed train car and they supervised the placement of the bits.
Train project

Train project

If you would have told me that my boys would play with a paper train and not destroy it, I would have laughed in your face. They took great care with it once I explained it was fragile and we actually finished the whole thing. The little tableau is set up but I will have to get back to it for final pictures.


(Snow was made from Epsom salt mixed with a touch of glitter, pretty and cheap).

Because, yep, I went back to sew some more. Ah, good rainy days. They are precious and few in the land of sun and heat.

As for today? Well, we had to get out of the house. And we did. Next post... the most beautiful of places...Noah's Ark.

BTW :: Seems like not many in blogland wanted discount birdies...was it because they were from Big Lots? You know, there is nothing wrong with bargain shopping. ;) So, LauraC, email me with your address (again) so I can send them with a holiday card. The boys will love them, when we made ours my boys carried them around carefully just like real chicks.


lori z said...

you're always so productive! the cozies and apron are great. nice work! btw, great usage of the B&W fabric on the apron.

jillian said...

What a lovely day! Your cup cozies and the apron are all beautiful. Perfect colors and fabric patterns. The boys are so cute (as you well know), don't know what is better the pic with the protective doggie or the train set.

LauraC said...

YAY for winning!
We've had rain 5 of the last 6 weekends. Yes we need it. But my excited rainy weekend attitude only lasted the first four weekends.

(And I do not say this to be superficial bc I truly value the inside of people but all that working out is paying off, particularly the butt shot looks hot. hee hee)

ana said...

Ummm...I don't know if this is the right place to mention this. But look amazing. How much have you lost? Holy crap, girl!

Mama Llama said...

Those cup cozies are da bomb! I wish I still needed some little gifts because I'd be all over that idea. (It took me forever to understand "trace an open cup cozy onto pattern paper", LOL. I was like "but I NEED a cup cozy to TRACE a cup cozy". Finally my husband explained to me that there are carboard cup cozies out there. Can you tell that only one of us drinks coffee? (I'm a dork, too, sometimes.)

Kellee said...

I have such a girl crush on you. I want to learn how to sew!! *pout*! The sewing projects were ADORABLE, as was the train. So much fun. :) And I have no problem with Big Lots, I just have no children and have done no decorating this year, so I figured someone else would put them to better use! :)