Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ornamental Efforts

I think I mentioned something about an ornament post, right? This year has been a great one for trying out new projects. The boys are 'helping' in many ways and I am 'learning' how to let them help. There is a lot of effort on my part to get out of the way (when I can) and try to plan the craft in a way that will be fun for them. I want them to learn that they can be involved and that making things is fun and shall be the fabric of their lives. I declare it so.
Christmas Home 2009

This tree is housing the hand making this year. is slowly coming together. And apart as the boys just love taking all the hung ornaments off of the tree and into other rooms.

There are a few things to consider when working with 2.5 year old twins. First, they love making messes. Second, they have an attention span of 2.5 seconds. Third, they have very little interest in following directions. So, where to go with this?

I tried a few different things. The first was the Cinnamon Ornaments we started at the Cabin. These have been a two part process. The first part is mixing and rolling and cutting. The ornaments take a few days to totally dry out so I packed them out of sight and we let them be for some time. The second part has been 'decorating' them with glitter. Ah, glitter. And 2 year olds. I have devised a brilliant plan to let them be free but curb the total glittering of the home.
Cinnamon Ornaments
Kids with Glitter

Give them the cap. We used a bottle of puffy paint with a fine tip, squirted it in all directions, (I directed it sometimes). And then they go to town. Well, Mace went to town. Owen was having some alone time with Omi. Which brings me to another tip. Separate if at all possible. One on one time is great for crafting. So that is Ornament One.
Kids with Glitter

Next up was a quick package deal from Michael's bargain bin. These little snowflakes came pre-cut with sequins and baubles. I handed them the glue stick and put out the bits. I found it really interesting that Mace referred to the picture on the package and tried to copy it.

Owen did his own thing, the kid lives by his own rules.

I think these were a great idea and could be easily done with scrap felt or construction paper, just make sure the bits are all really shiny. It seems to catch and hold their attention when the bits are shiny.

The last thing we have tried (so far) is painting. Again, at Michael's, they have a section of wooden ornaments, unpainted and unfinished. I grabbed quite a few for an ornament party we are having in a few weeks. The boys have been painting at school a lot and I wanted to see what they would do. Again, Mace wanted to follow the depicted Santa and became really obsessed with filling in the beard. And Owen took a little of this color and a little of that and spent most of the time swirling it all together. I find it fascinating to watch the differences even within the same medium. Tips here...uh, it is toddlers with paint so none, except protective paper on the table and expectations of some mess. (I pretty much expect the mess form the get-go with all projects and I am never disappointed).

This ornament is mine. This was not a 'boys helping' project, but a 'boys watching' project.

They have recently become enamored of a show called Noddy (any other Noddy followers out there? Let me hear a Woot.). He is an adorable elf who lives in Toyland and drives a car and lives alone (though he looks about 5 years of age). I actually really like Noddy and when I found this elf pine cone project in the latest Martha (I know, I know) I knew they would love them. They helped gather the cones from our neighbor's tree and I sewed the little mitts and stuff (you could easily just glue the felt mittens and shoes, but we all know I am cracked when it comes to this stuff)
and they freaked out when the heads had no face yet. And they totally supervised the hat placement as the hat makes the elf, you know?

They still keep asking for a mouth. But they love these little guys and so do I. Super fun but fiddly...

And there you have it so far. I have plans for a few more, probably an owl pine cone (as described by Kat...hey, upload a picture of that little one, Kat, pretty please) and a few pom-pom snow men.

Speaking of pom-poms, (and, ahem, Martha) I have a dirty little know the store Big Lots (forever Pick n' Save in my mind)? They carry close out Martha craft sets. For 2$.

So, get thee there and gather a pack of glitter that sells for 15$ next door...for 2$. Yikes. These leetle pom pom birdies came from the Lot. 2$.


I tried to resist but I couldn't. Not when it was such a good deal. I have an extra pack of the birdie project that I would love to send out to a reader. It is super simple, glue and pom poms included and would be fun with or without kids. Leave a comment about your latest craft (or just a comment saying Hi) and I will draw names and send you your very own 2$ project package. Just sharing the Holiday (bargain and making) spirit. :)


jillian said...

OMG - that elf ornament! The little scarf is over the top.

LauraC said...

Loved seeing the little elf hands on twitter turn into a fun ornament here.

My mom still has the very first Christmasy thing I made for my parents and it went on display every year. It is this horrid piece of styrofoam spray painted green with a glitter covered pine cone glued on top and some popscicle sticks to make a picture frame. I used to hate it as a kid but obviously I have all the special crafts they make for us at school!

mepsipax said...

Cute idea. Twins damn. Have fun with that.

Kellee said...

I have NO idea if it is the same thing or not, but Noddy had been around for a long time in England. I remember my Noddy books from when I was a kid. :)

I hope I'm the kind of mom that you are, one day. You look like you have so much fun with them.