Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let the Dreaming Commence

The Mondo class started on Sunday after a bumpy entrance which included me not really understanding what the phrase "user name not available" meant and thinking it was all the computer's fault, and then finally dawning comprehension and then finally gaining access, well, I feel well on my way.

The class is going to be full, a daily thing, commitment to be made as I feel available, but I feel really available. After reading the first "lesson" I realized that I want to write, daily if I can, and I am not sure that this space should take on the responsibility of carrying all that writing. I mean, I highly doubt there will be much knitting or sewing going on with my journaling and dreaming (whatever, I totally sewed all day while dreaming).
On Tuesday

Anyways, this is all to say that I have made a new space for it all, aptly named My Mondo Beyondo (clever, aren't I) and it will house and shelter the writing as it comes for this aspect of my time. I put up a link on the sidebar if you want to check in and read. The links to the lessons are for any other Mondo folks, but I hope the writing in itself speaks to something, speaks to me, and helps to clarify just how it is that I am going to swing this dream of mine.

Um, want to see some sewing? Here is a picture or two of some projects taking shape in the New Year. I think it might be the class lighting a fire in my proverbial craft belly, so there are backpacks and blankies and lots of other things. Embroidery too. Just so you know I will not leave this space hanging.

MAking Backpacks

On Tuesday

On Tuesday
Resting a bit as all the working and sewing and cooking and running after the boys has made me a bit tired. Good tired.

Dream on, sisters. And brothers. Hope you are finding some of your own in this new year.


LauraC said...

I'll be reading along both blogs!

Heading out to Phoenix Friday with the family then when we get back next week I will email you to discuss plans to get together in TWO WEEKS!

Kellee said...

I am so going to check that out. I want to learn to sew. *grumble* Is there a good starter sewing machine that you can recommend?? :)

eda said...