Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Snaps

The weekend held finally blue skies, clear and washed thoroughly...

But it also held some fairly big bumps in the form of a puking boy and an emotional meet up with a friend's mama who is dying.

Sunday afforded a few moments to breathe, pick up the camera and snap. Salsa and sickies, sunlight and sadness, all in one package.

Sunday snaps

And Legos, always Legos. Such is Life.

Sunlight through Owen's ear reminds me of how delicate he still is...makes me remember when sunlight could shine though his hand and cheek. Fragile and delicate, is life.


Sadia said...

I'm sorry things were rough, but you seem to have things in perspective.

Gorgeous photos, as always. I wish I had your eye.

Kellee said...

Beautiful images. Sometimes it helps to get behind the lens, and see our surroundings from that perspective. It's like finding out way back home.